Support Materials

The more I connect with people I am beginning to build a list of resources that can help build a healthy understanding into the mind of an Adult Baby Diaper Lover. Following is a list of materials. I will post reviews as I gain more knowledge of the resources that are being recommended to me. This page will be a living document. I welcome your reviews of content that we can post here as well. Please reach to me on Twitter or Email to help me grow this library of ABDL knowledge.

Blogs of ABDLs

Aberrantly Me – Here, obviously! – We continue to work to be a great resource for ABDLs, their loved ones, and their relationships!

The Recovering Diaper Lover – “seeking a stable path as a latter-day saint.” A single, straight, twenty-something male, recently graduated from college working at a job I generally enjoy.

Quirkily Married – Married, Mormon, ABDL, dad, employed in the technology sector, and (unfortunately) over the hill. 

Blog Series & Book Reviews

Dr. Rhoda Lipscomb guide to Strong Self Worth for AB/DLs

Seeing a number of other ABDLs reading this book I decided to jump on the bandwagon as well as an opportunity for self improvement. Join me as I delve into her book and reflect on my own life as an Adult Baby.

A series written while working through a series of professional workshops surrounding problem solving.

While preparing for a series of classes surrounding problem solving and the PDCA/A3 approach I began drawing parallels to my diaper wearing journey of self acceptance. I’m not certain where these posts will go, but I enjoyed what I got out of my last series that I hope these workshops will prove helpful for my diapered self as well.

A book, turned movie, about a boy’s struggles and how his family deals with it. My thoughts and review

Leveraging the Atonement and the Book of Mormon to overcome addictive behaviors

He Did Deliver Me from Bondage brings the Atonement and the Book of Mormon into a twelve-step program to help people overcome behaviors in their lives that hinder their growth. The following links are my thoughts as my wife and I experience this class for very different reasons.

A good introduction book for the loved one of an ABDL. Good read for the little as well. Aberrantly Me’s Review

A book that delves in deep regarding the concepts of Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers. Author’s Website


Dream a Little – Lo – Some Adult language, but the few episodes I have listened to have been good content that I have resonated with. She focuses on interviews and relationship advice.

Informational Websites – The AB/DL/IC Support Community – You can find me there @aberrantlyme

Toddler Time – What is Infantilism? – A great, no-nonsense explanation. A great start for couples or needing to show a loved one.

Understanding Infantilism – Another website offering definitions and information surrounding people who want to wear diapers.

WikiHow – How To React When Your Spouse Is Wearing Diapers – Another perspective on helping find out first steps when you think he/she might be wearing a diaper. It covers medical and lifestyle both at a very high level.

Have something to add? Have a review you’d like added to the site. Please help! Please reach to me on Twitter or Email to help me grow this library of ABDL knowledge.