What do you call it?

This post is directed at those who heard someone say ABDL, or an associated term, and are trying to learn more or for a loved one, parent, significant other, or spouse that recently learned that someone they love connects or associates with this community. While I do not feel completely adequate to the task, I hope to help describe at a high level what ABDL is, and a little of who may call themself an Adult Baby or Diaper Lover.

ABDL is two major communities rolled into one four letter acronym. Let’s break those two up to start.

AB = Adult Baby | People who identify as an adult baby typically enjoy role-play involving a baby and another providing a parental role. This can and is not limited to clothing, toys, food, and other things that bring the AB into their “space” where they feel they are filling that role. Typically all ABs are also Diaper Lovers due to the inclusion of diapers in the role play.

DL = Diaper Lover | DLs or diaper lovers associate with the affinity to wearing diapers. This can be sexual or non-sexual in nature, and is often associated with the desire for comfort or security that comes with wearing a diaper. A diaper lover is not necessarily an adult baby, and there are likely much more diaper lovers in the community than there are ABDLs. Also, age-play is not a requirement for a diaper lover.

A diaper lover is not necessarily an adult baby, and there are likely much more diaper lovers in the community than there are ABDLs.

Little | Another term you may hear when someone is talking about this side of themselves is “little.” This is a term that can describe the age range that the person desires to associate with while they are in that “space.”

Infantilism | Information about Infantilism from a medical/professional perspective can be found here. This article/explanation begins to help people understand the origins to ABDL and the connection to diapers as well as other Transitional Objects (which are typically soft and cuddly that produce a emotional response of comfort).

What is True Infantilism? “The onset of true infantilism is marked by earliest of memories of the individual fantasizing of regressive dependencies…”

A big thanks to littlemoosey (names are all part of the experience, and part of being “little”) for reaching out so quickly and offering experience, support, and a network of others who are going through experiences like I am.

Still not making any sense? Please reach out to me here or on Twitter, and I will do my best to help provide some further information or links that can help you understand where you are or where your loved one is coming from.


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