Now what? – You’re Not Broken – Chapter 13

We did it!  We’ve made it through “You’re Not Broken” or you’ve at least made it through my hopefully coherent ramblings about self acceptance and growth as an Adult Baby Diaper Lover (or ABDL).  

My question to both myself, and to you, is “where do we go from here?”

What have you learned?  What have you gained?  What needs to change?

For each of us this will be a different conversation and answer.  The action items we create will be based on:

  • Where are are in our lives
  • Our dating/marital status, and have you shared with them?
  • Our level of self acceptance

All of this is a subtle reminder that my successes may not be your successes, and my hardest times may not be yours.  The journey that I’ve been on will weave common themes and moments, but will still be unique to yours.  This additionally is layered with my wife, her history and personality, and many other factors.

Live your story, embrace your little side, and wear those diapers!

My last note is a reminder of the continual reinforcement that I’ve been headed down the right path.  A healthy direction.  Each experience, each interaction, each blog post, each community interaction has helped me continue to feel I’m headed in a direction that is positive for me and my relationship with my wife.

Search for those moments yourself.  How can you build a foundation of positive experiences that will allow you to explore the concept of self-acceptance?  For me, the first step was making the space available to even consider diapers could be part of my life.  I had tried for decades to force them out of my life.  You have to acknowledge where you are, and where you want to be.

Always remember you are NEVER alone.  Leverage the community around you, and reach out when you need help.

One day, one diaper at a time.


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