Countermeasures and our plan of action – Problem Solving Series – Session 8

The whole point in problem solving is to help us reduce or remove a gap in performance.  Countermeasures and a plan of attack become the vehicle in which we are able to achieve our goals of improvement.  This effort, in A3, is moving from the left side of the A3 to the right side where the action occurs.  The left side being the plan, and the right side being how we are going to better ourselves or reduce that gap in improving whatever it is we see a lack or gap in.

What does wearing a diaper have anything to do with performance gaps?  For me, they balance me and help me continue with the work that I’m doing.  Other times they help me unplug and escape for a short time the craziness that had come from the day I was in.  I appreciate the consistent assistance that diapers bring me when I need them.

Countermeasures (insert diapers, ABDL, onesies, transformation objects here) should help us accomplish the following:

Focus – Life is ever-distracting.  We all must find something in our lives that help dial things back in, and adjusted the lens in which we view the world.  That focus helps us place our attention, at least for that moment, on what matters most to us.  Our “busy” lives can be filled with things that consume our lives, yet are not important.  Our phones, computers, and our TVs are powerfuls tools that all too often add distraction instead of determination to our day.  How we choose to utilize the tools we have in our lives will drastically effect our focus.  Diapers provide that readjustment of what my eyes have focused on when I need them.  I can get back on track and minimize some of the noise in which can be booming in my head, from all directions, during my day.

Gather – Similar to focus I find that I have so many things going on in my life that it can be hard to gather my thoughts.  I have many lists that help me stay on track with personal, professional, family, and religious responsibilities that I have.  There are many, many times that life feels so overwhelming, and gathering my thoughts can help me reign my axneity back in.  Siloing efforts and building a plan of attack removes, at least in part, that pressure in my chest.

Narrow – Dialing in on what is really important.  While we work through issues and problems in our lives and our A3s we begin to uncover certain aspects of our problem that need the most attention.  Creating small, measurable plans of action will help us make small but important improvements.  Diapers have helped me narrow the amount of distraction, pressure, and stressful emotions that I am experiencing so that I can “get things done.”  This is an extension, in my opinion, to gathering.  Once we have gathered our thoughts and efforts we are able to narrow things down, and begin evaluating priorities.

Evaluate – Now that we are padded (if we need to) and have been able to lessen our stress and anxiety through gathering and narrowing our efforts we can begin to evaluate and prioritize what is in front of us.  How often do we take on the easy task, and not the task that needs our attention first?  I know I do this too often, and often laugh at myself when I catch it happening and have the begin chastising myself.  I’m not going to discount the validity of an easy-win or low hanging fruit, but that can not and should not be our norm or SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

Recommend – When working with a team or business you will then need to make recommendations.  When working with yourself with your busy life or even your life in diapers you will need to take on an even more difficult task.  You must make recommendations to yourself, and then hold yourself accountable to those countermeasures.  Remember that the whole A3 process is to find a gap in performance and help reduce or remove it.  Making recommendations to ourselves, and then following through will lead to a better version of ourselves.  I find that a very powerful aspect of this process is writing things down, and when possible having it visible so you are reminded of it.  With my diet, running, exercise, and weight loss I write things down on my mirror in my room so I see them at least once a day.  With my work, there are whiteboards, clipboards, and post-it notes around my desk.  With my ABDL side I have this blog where I expand what is in my mind to a written thought, and then goals.

Make a plan, and take the first step – The first step is often the hardest.  When you have to take it alone, muster your courage and step into the dark.  Whenever possible, take a friend with you on the journey.  So many positive things will happen as you embark on growth together.  You will have someone to hold you accountable, someone to lift you up, and someone to share the painful and exciting moments that growth offers.

With whatever you are working on, keep your head up!

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

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