When looking how to identify myself for this blog and possibly a social network or two I began thinking of what to call myself. You will find that I don’t directly connect with my little side yet, so I have a hard time with playing with words and names that would associate too strongly in infancy or toddler-type talk. My hope here is to balance the life we are living with ways to cope, comfort, and understand ourselves and each other.

I am many things. I am a father, husband, a professional, a Latter-day Saint (Mormon), a Christian, an ABDL or Diaper Lover who may have some AB (Adult Baby) in me, and many, many other things. I post this because I want you to know that if you are one, two, or perhaps all of these things that you are not alone. Others feel and have experienced the same spectrum of emotions that you are feeling now! I am a Mormon Diaper Lover, or a Mormon Adult Baby and I’m learning how to incorporate, live, and accept that. I’m here to help on your journey as well. This is a hard road when it is only you and your own thoughts. It doesn’t have to be that way, please reach out.

Anyway, I began looking for synonyms for something that I felt helped describe how I feel about myself (which is “not normal” or some variant of that) and I came across the word aberrant. I love learning new words and found it is defined as “departing from an accepted standard” or relating to biology “diverging from the normal type.” Other words similar are deviant or abnormal. I feel this definition resonates with me and how I feel about myself. I have never felt my connection to diapers was “normal” and definitely not something considered an accepted standard.

So today I learned that I am aberrant, and that’s okay. Join me in recognizing and coming to love your aberrant self.

*After completing this post I realized that there may need to have some definition around ABDL, as there is a lot to unpack there. If you are learning about ABDL for the first time, or are a loved one that is looking for answers I feel this really needs a lot of attention as there is a lot to cover as it is a spectrum of lifestyle. UPDATE: Read my post called What do you call it? for resources and definitions.