I am Aberrantly Me. I am a..

ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover): I have lived my entire life with an affinity to wear diapers. It is something I have worked to ignore, remove, and fight the majority of my life. It wasn’t until this blog began that I had changed the mindset to the concept of self acceptance and incorporating diapers into my life where they can help me be the best version of myself. This ABDL blog discusses the various aspects of my life, and the impact that adult diapers can have on them.

Husband: Married to my best friend. I have shared with her my affinity for diapers, and her acceptance of me has allowed me to accept myself in diapers (something I would not have ever thought possible). Our continued growth together has shown me

Father: My kids, and their passions, are my daily motivation to want to be a better person. I feel that my journey for self-acceptance has given me additional tools and insight into the tough conversations that have come and will come as my children discover who they are.

Child of God: I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (formerly/commonly known as The Mormons). My family’s faith guides and directs us to be the best version of ourselves individually and together as a family. My faith and journey in diapers are intertwined with each other as I searched for my “why” regarding diapers early in life.

My blog allows me to continue to work through my “big three” with discussion around in my personal, professional, and family life. Here are some of my latest posts.

Running and diapers

I feel like I have written two similar posts at two different times (this one and Let yourself love yourself), but I want to leave them both as separate streams of consciousness because of the impact that writing has on my life. I apologize if they are redundant. These are the two things that are … Continue reading Running and diapers

The Power of Community – I started a Discord Server for ABDLs and their loved ones as we all search for community, acceptance, and deeper understanding of who we are. I welcome you to reach out for an invite and join our great group of men and women trying to live their best lives.

I continue to work on a comprehensive list of resources that help both the ABDL and their loved ones in the search for acceptance and understanding.

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