Heart to Heart, a series – Introduction

While in Church a previous Sunday it was announced that a Heart To Heart class would be starting at the ward, or congregational level, in the coming months.  I think I let the announcement float over me the first time. Then again, it was discussed more, and my wife and I both talked about attending the class. We both felt that there would be value in the class, for completely different reasons.  Our approaches toward the class are even different. We felt that we would be able to have fruitful discussions if we did both attended, and committed to make this time important for us. It would also be an opportunity to spend time together; a date of sorts.

I jumped on Amazon and purchased a number of copies of the course material, He Did Deliver Me From Bondage, so we would have it for the first class, but neither of us opened the material before the first class.  During the first class I began as I often do with somewhat holding back because don’t want to dominate the time the group has together, but I did share a number of things which I felt added to the overall conversation.

While talking about where we would be headed a few questions were asked regarding people’s expectations and understandings of what we were doing.  While it is a twelve-step program, the approach is different than others so widely known. I feel this material will be centered in the Atonement and that will be the driver for change in people.  It has the power to stir men’s souls.

Perhaps I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.  Why did I even choose to attend in the first place?  I felt a bit drawn to the way it was presented to the quorum, so I attended the planning meeting where we set the first class.  It is a take on addiction recovery, and I did not find myself drawn to it for that reason. I am intrigued how I can learn and grow from the material in association with my little side.  It is a venture to see how much I am in bondage to diapers, and how I am providing a healthy space for myself to discover and understand my little side.

I plan to write a series of posts about my experience in these classes, and I hope they continue to provide a bit of insight to my little friends.  Perhaps this will feel like an extended Book Review, and I may formalize one after the course is completed. Please feel free to comment after the posts, as I welcome the dialogue and conversation.  What excites me is the very different approaches and reasons that my wife and I both are going to attend. I feel we will have some good conversation from the content.

Here’s a few notes from the first class:

Why do I attach myself so much to work flow or processes that seems to have a logical pattern to them?  During the introduction class I notated the most the patterns that I heard come out of what was being discussed.

Doctrine –> Principle –> Action

Engrain the Doctrine, Learn the Principle, and then Act

This concept is the basis for the material.  First doctrine will be presented for study. Second, we will discuss principles that can be utilized to apply the doctrine in our lives.  Finally, we must act. We implement what we have learned. I felt a similarity to the new approach to teaching the youth of the Church, Learn, Act, Share.

Head to your heart to your feet

This flow I feel I approach in a different way at times.  I experience a feeling, and then tend to overanalyze it. It is then that I come back to pray, and search for the meaning in my study.  That, in turn, leads me to action. Perhaps I am not far off, but often so much of what I experience is led with a feeling. An emotion, a prompting, or guidance in a certain direction.  These feelings find us in different ways, and I find that music is one powerful way that I am presented with a different perspective or representation of what I had been experiencing. 

In any form, this concept reiterates the Doctrine –> Principle –> Action mentioned above.  I believe the key is implementation.  We learn, we study, we talk, we discuss, we pray, but then we must ACT!  It is in our actions that we truly experience life.

How do we learn what we do and do not like about diapers?  We experience them. That is how we know what they do for us.  That is how I continue to learn how they can help me in my journey.  

Last minute addition: Another random three-step appears!

While eating Chinese for lunch with my family I found that another three-step process presented itself from my fortune cookie. It made me smile when we notice things like this as they present themselves in our lives. When we study something or learn something new it often is at the front of our minds, and we are more sensitive or aware of it. We are looking for ways to incorporate it. A similar example is when we buy a Toyota Camry, and then suddenly all we see on the road are other Toyota Camrys. Like rabbits they appear when you swear you’ve never seen one previously! Healthy ideas and principles are all around us, we have to tune ourselves in to be aware of them.

Personal revelation can come in many forms, fortune cookies apparently being one of them. 🙂

“You can only take psychology so for before you have to hand it over to dogmatics.”

I believe we are very habitual creatures, by nature.  We often cling to rules and structure to help us, to balance us.  Some of the Adult Babies or Diaper Lovers that I associate with have very strict schedules for wearing diapers.  This may be due to previous experiences, or that they must leverage structure to control themselves. Whatever the reason they are only able to take the psychology so far before falling back to dogmatics.  We all do this with various things in our lives. We know ourselves the best, and when we can be brutally honest with ourselves we truly will be able to see growth. We know when we must be more dogmatic in our approach.  

To my friends that keep their diaper wearing to a set time and place, I applaud you for knowing your limits, and how to best manage yourself at this stage in life.

Self sabotage

We all do it. We place things in our own paths to trip ourselves up. How often is this unintentional? Are we causing our own failures and don’t even know it? We must be able to be open and honest with ourselves first. Without a goal or path we all wander in darkness. Once we know what we want, we must begin to setup bumpers for ourselves to stay within the limits that will garner success.

It is the lapse in judgement, the moments of weakness, where we place pitfalls in our own path. I believe having others around to help us be accountable can be one of the biggest factors to this success. When others, in a loving fashion, are there to help us we will stay on the Covenant Path.

All in all, I feel this is much different than the previous content I have written.  Please let me know what you think, as my hope is to gain better insight into my little side and my affinity for diapers.

Here’s to learning, and sharing..

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