Balancing your life and your little side

So much of life is deciding where to put your energy.  What will I work on today, and how much effort will I put into it?  If you have children that decision-making tree grows a lot more branches as your children have nine million questions and desires of their own.  All to often we find ourselves stretched so thin trying to make time for everything, and not leaving time for ourselves. The topic of self-care is another topic entirely that I need to learn from.  I do believe our little sides come out in an effort to help us regain balance when life gets out of control, at least that’s when I’m noticing mine appearing.

Like all things though that balance must be managed in a healthy way.  If we tip too far one way we neglect other parts of our lives that need attention.  For example, in the last few weeks I have put a lot of energy into this blog, and reaching out to the ABDL community.  I’ve been trying to find myself and my place among the rest of the adult babies out there.

Yesterday, as I looked over some posts that I had been preparing I really felt that my heart wasn’t in it like it had been the previous week or two.  It became a chore, and I found that I had to get to a stopping point so I could close it and move on to other things. Up to that point it had not felt like a chore or a task to deal with.  This morning again, I pulled out a book to read a bit and the same thing occurred. The lack of clarity, desire, and spiritual prompting left me void and empty. It was then that I put the book away and focused on other things.  While walking a few minutes ago the word “balance” crept into my brain, and I began thinking about this post.

We must work to keep all things in balance.  Even with the best of intentions, in the last few weeks I have swung hard to my little side.  While this was happening I realized there was some new and shiny elements to ABDL that I was discovering, and figured it would work itself out.  I think this moment is it working itself out.

ABDL, diapers, regression, and all the other parts of what makes us littles or diaper lovers are just like ice cream or chocolate (or anything else we really, really LOVE to eat).  The key comes in moderation. If I only eat ice cream or chocolate there will be a very real result occur to my waistline. That must be balanced with healthy eating and healthy living.

I found that I went too “all in” with diapers and now am reigning it back in.  I don’t know if there is an exact science to what constitutes a healthy balance other than I know that it will feel appropriate to me.  I have learned that I know when my balance feels right. That feeling is connected to making good choices and receiving guidance by the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit).  If my intentions and desires of my heart are in the proper place, and I am making efforts in that direction I will be prompted and guided in my efforts leading to desirable results for myself and my family.

Now, as I continue to figure myself out, I must institute some balance and get things back where they need to be.  I am a husband, father, and provider first. I will leverage by little side to maintain emotional well-being and balance, but I cannot let it consume me and take precedence over the things that truly matter most in life.  The more I work on it, the more I hope the two incorporate in a way that the balance seems seamless, and it doesn’t feel like a choice or that I am neglecting my little side for adulting. I am an adult, and have made adult choices.  I must honor those commitments to afford me the ability to be a little as well.

Learn to listen to that inner voice.  It feels different for everyone, but it is described as love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.  Only you can feel it and only you know how it feels to you. I’ve heard it described like peeing your pants. People may see it, and how it affects you, but only you get the warm, fuzzy feeling.  For me, if feels like a cold glass of water on a warm day. A sensation washing over me, bring in peace in the knowledge that I am doing the right thing.

I am working to find a healthy, constructive balance for me and my family.  I know you can too!

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