Additional Growth From My Wife

There are more times during the week that I feel like an Uber driver.  My work day ends, and practices, rehearsals, mutual activities, and whatever else may be happening this week.  Most of the time it is either my wife or myself running them around, but there are small moments when we find ourselves both … Continue reading Additional Growth From My Wife


Drawing lines in the sand

There is a battle and balance between needs and wants that rages on in our minds and emotions.  In our minds we can justify and rationalize actions as well as something we consider a need, something we cannot be without.  In conversations with other ABDLs I have listened to many speak of necessity. “I need” … Continue reading Drawing lines in the sand

Romans 8:35-37

What can stand between our us and the love of the Savior?  Nothing can, not even diapers. It seems that themes will often present themselves in the conversations I have with other ABDLs.  One of the most recent ones has been worthiness.  For many, especially early on in their journey for understanding and acceptance, they … Continue reading Romans 8:35-37

70-20-10 | A pattern for self acceptance and growth

Who reads the Foreword to a book?  Not me, at least almost never.  I love to delve into Professional Development and Organizational Excellence.  There is something about learning a new concept, and then helping others put it into actions that keeps me coming back for more.  Because of that I found myself recently reading a … Continue reading 70-20-10 | A pattern for self acceptance and growth

Hiding in plain sight

While watching the season finale to Community I was reminded that the Dean of the school presents throughout the episode wearing nothing but a diaper.  During the course of the show he wears a myriad of costumes and outfits as he announces all sorts of news to the study group, and this was either his … Continue reading Hiding in plain sight

Every diaper is different

Three different runs, with three different coaches, that all brought a similar message back to me. I had been really struggling with myself, and many of the pressures and stresses that surrounded me.  Here, in the quiet and dark I found the voices of a pre-recorded, guided run telling me a similar message (perhaps that … Continue reading Every diaper is different

The Difference Between “Can” and “Should”

I sense a theme in my own life as I had written potential post ideas down for later conceptualization and developing thoughts into words for a post.  The three latest topics I have written down refer to action and discretion.  This is the first I have decided to revisit because it is the oldest on … Continue reading The Difference Between “Can” and “Should”