We are all different, and we are all the same.

I had the opportunity to be around a large number of people over a weekend last year.  More than normal. We had been preparing for an event for months, and as the event began and progressed a weight began to lift that I had been bearing across my shoulders.  With each section of the event … Continue reading We are all different, and we are all the same.

Standing proud, even while padded

I’m still me, even in diapers.  The powerful realization that despite all the shame and self bashing of how I must be a horrible person for having a connection with diapers that I am still able to do good things.  I am still able to be useful to God and his Son. Standing in front … Continue reading Standing proud, even while padded

The parallel of a massage

During a follow up part of our conversation my wife shared that she might understand a little bit about what diapers do for me through her enjoyment of massages.  My wife works in a high-stress environment and has a standing monthly massage that can be more frequent if she needs them.  She related to me … Continue reading The parallel of a massage

The strength of a spouse

“This isn’t going away, is it?”  What a powerful question, and a bit of insight into the mind of my wife.  I’m sure the last year hasn’t been easy.  My wife and I picked up a conversation about diapers that wasn’t planned, and we covered a lot of topics and emotions.  It was the best … Continue reading The strength of a spouse

A Friend’s Voice – The road to where we want to be

Recently on our Discord Server (message me if you’d like an invite) someone who goes by the name sirdinosaur1104 posed the question about goals regarding our significant others.  While people chimed in I saw pieces of their answers in my own life.  I think there are “mile markers” or significant milestones along the road that … Continue reading A Friend’s Voice – The road to where we want to be

What we choose to focus on will grow

There are so many versions of this quote, but the last few times I heard it in a meeting or a Facebook post, or in passing it resonated with me in a different way. Whatever we put out time, attention, and passion into will grow (whether that be healthy or destructive).  So many time when … Continue reading What we choose to focus on will grow

Not all pacifiers are pacis

We all have that thing that takes us to a place of peace.  For some of us it is an experience or activity.  For some of us it is an object.  What is your weighted blanket, diaper, or pacifier?  Through a little series of experiences I think I’m seeing something that provides that to my … Continue reading Not all pacifiers are pacis

One minute of patience

The last year has taught me a lot about myself.  I’m learning how much I didn’t allow myself to understand about myself.  I spent three decades trying to hide part of myself from anyone else, but more importantly from myself.  I would binge amidst feelings and desires I didn’t understand, and then be ashamed of … Continue reading One minute of patience