Passing Judgement, on ourselves and others

We are all very sensitive to judgement.  The last thing we want is to have others place undue opinion about who we are without the proper context and content.  With time and experience, people should be able to see who we are by the “fruits that we bear” or the actions of our lives.  While we think of the linked scripture, Matthew 7:16-20, the entire chapter is a great lesson on judging.  Definitely worth the few minutes to read.

The particular commonality that brings us together is ripe for prejudgment.  Public opinion and visibility doesn’t help at all. All too often judgement is passed before someone even knows us or anything about us.  The root and reason for the why behind our wearing. The comfort, the blanket, the security is not taken into consideration as the public discomfort felt by the other party is the dominant noise in the conversation.

Passing judgement upon ourselves.  When we first think about being judged we turn to other people placing judgement or labels on us before they properly know us.  How often do we begin to place harsh judgement upon ourselves? That can often be influenced by the judgement that others place on us, but at the end of the day we choose to place those labels and judgments on ourselves.  There is the space between stimulus and response, where we choose who we are. We choose how we will act, and truly demonstrate what we have inside.

The scriptures are littered with stories where people live a certain life, only to have a life-altering spiritual experience that alters their course for the rest of their lives.  This should help us understand that it is never too late to begin making different choices for ourselves and how we judge people around us.  

Make the choice that it will be today.  Some are given grand experiences to help foster the change, but other times it is a nudge.  A small push in the direction to better self-care. We must have a good foundation underneath us before we can properly help others.  Those of you that are married and/or have kids, we must build ourselves up before we can be the example our partner and our children need.

Stand up, padded or not, for what is right.  Be the person that the Lord needs you to be. In that effort, you will be the person that you, yourself needs as well as your spouse and children.  No one can be truly happy and healthy alone. Let’s work to build it each other up with the light that is within us.

Believing in ourselves will allow our own light to shineLetting our own light shine will allow others to see in the dark, so they can stumble less in their own journey.

We are better, we are brighter, together.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

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