There will be bread

General Conference October 2020 – Saturday Afternoon Session – Bishop W. Christopher Waddell

Calamities and trials WILL come in our lives.  They can be personal or general in nature, and vary in severity and impact.  Diapers find themselves, in my own life at least, on both sides of this conversation.  They have been the trial, and they are also a tool I use to comfort me from the other trials in my life that come.

Diapers as the trial – In my early years, more than now, I found that diapers were an early burden on my life.  I often wondered so much why I wanted to wear them.  It didn’t make sense to me, and it didn’t matter how many times I tried to rid them from my life.  The binge/purge cycle was a very real thing in my life, and I have gone around that circular cycle many times.  Holding the trial inside, and battling it alone made it hard to find real progress.  Diapers, and my desire to feel “little” have been one of my “big three” in my life.  I consider it one of the biggest personal aspects of my life that define me as who I am.  It is not something I am public about, but is very much part of who I am.  

Diapers as a comforting aid – On the other hand, as I have progressed in my life, and learned how to balance my affinity for diapers I have been able to leverage diapers as a comfort from the storms of life.  They help calm me, and keep me focused on the task or trial at hand.  This aid is surprisingly present to me each time that I pad up.  Almost that I feel like they shouldn’t be able to help me (or a small part of me is mad that they are so effective in helping me) each time that I put one on and go back to the stresses of the day.  I probably even miss opportunities where they can help me by not allowing myself to wear.  This is “diapers as a trial” poking its head into the part of my life where they can be a benefit.

“The Lord’s guidance will provide protection and support to the extent that we heed and act upon His council.”  When I heard this part of the talk it made me think of a similar quote, “We will receive blessings at the level we are searching for them.”  We will be blessed proportionately to our effort, and our desire to listen and act.  We can pray all day and night, but must also listen and be prepared to act when the prompting or answer comes.  The burden is put on our own shoulders, but we are promised we are never alone in these efforts.  In our effort of preparation we should not turn away from our immediate needs.  Please do not neglect the foundational relationships and essential parts of our lives in preparation for a storm that is not presently upon us.

We must strive to prepare ourselves and our relationships so when the times of dearth come, we are properly prepared to weather the storms that come.  “Because of our effort, there will be  bread.”  We will have what we need to get through the hard conversations that we either initiate or are brought into.  Each of us have thought about sharing how we feel about diapers with someone else.  That person may be our parents, a friend, a girl/boyfriend, or a spouse.  What are we doing to prepare the way so we are ready for those conversations, and our relationship with those individuals is also ready?

The years of dearth and famine

How quickly do we forget the years of plenty in our own lives?  All too often we only focus on the trials and pain in our lives.  It is during the times of plenty that we must be bracing and preparing ourselves for the times of famine and dearth.  Then, then those times come, do we “immediately set out” or do we linger and gossip?

We all will have restrictions and limitations in our lives that keep us from something we want of need.  Those restrictions may even interfere with our ability to search, ponder, and pray.  These restrictions and limitations can be related to our health, geographics, political climate, and many other things.  No matter our restrictions we must find the best way to make lemonade in the situation we have been given and have a “firm conviction that better days are ahead.”

We have access to tools that help steer us back to the iron rod with our temporal needs.  Reach out to the support groups that you have readily available in your own lives.  Your family, your ward “family”, and even the amazing group of ABDLs that I consider my friends and another familial group in my life are all part of these resources that are available to us that assist in our success.  Each and every person in my life has impacted and shaped me in some way.  I am thankful for each and every person that I interact with.  Even negative conversations and interactions shape up, and afford us opportunities to see who we really are.  We receive countless opportunities to take the high road or make a better choice.  How often do we seize that moment and make the outcome better because of our own actions?

“The Lord does not expect us to do more than we can do (1 Nephi 3:7), but He does expect us to do what we can do, when we can do it.”

We know, better than anyone else in our lives, what we are capable of.  There are times that we cannot see the greatness inside of us, and those around us stir greatness up in us, but we typically become our own worst enemy in limiting our potential.  President Nelson said recently that “the Lord loves effort.”  That effort is truly beautiful, and is the catalyst in ushering true, lasting change in our own lives.

“Taking action is the exercise of faith.  True faith is focused in and on the Lord Jesus Christ, and always leads to action.”

Elder David. A Bednar

“The most important step of all, is to begin.”

Photo by Mariana Kurnyk from Pexels

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