Her Diaper Wearing Husband

During a recent conversation with my wife about a variety of things going on in our lives we pivoted to diapers. I cannot recall why as we had been focusing on things that she is currently carrying as mother, wife, and professional. A struggle of mine that has been decades long has been self worth. … Continue reading Her Diaper Wearing Husband

The power of your mindset

Our thoughts are powerful.  So much of how we view ourselves, with or without diapers, come from the thoughts that fill our own minds.  I know that I’ve walked past the same mirror in my bedroom and had drastically different thoughts.  They have been accepting and positive, and at other times shaming and hurtful.  Those … Continue reading The power of your mindset

Recognizing baby steps

Baby steps are foundational to us making lasting changes in our lives.  These steps are in no way limited to only the journey of an ABDL.  In a discussion with my wife this week we talked about the importance of implementing small, smart changes in our lives that can build to lasting changes.   All too … Continue reading Recognizing baby steps

The difference between being accepting and acceptance

I often use the metaphor of a ”bank of trust” in regards to relationships.  My wife and I work together daily to deposit trust and good experiences into a metaphorical bank.  These deposits strengthen our relationship together and allow us to have our moments.  When one of us is struggling in one form or another … Continue reading The difference between being accepting and acceptance

Sculpting our best selves

There are moments that exist within the walls of our mind where we struggle, battle, converse, and reconcile who we are with ourselves.  These can be the most gratifying or painful conversations that we ever have.  All too often we avoid these conversations because they are painful.  Growth, change, and improvement is painful.  Like most … Continue reading Sculpting our best selves

When conversations take hours

When talking to my spouse recently she commented how there are times when I need to talk for hours in order to get through something.  These conversations are often diaper-related recently, and there are times when I am verbalizing thoughts and emotions for the first time.  In these moments I am learning how I feel … Continue reading When conversations take hours

Our goal must be clear – Problem Solving Series – Session 7

There is a quote by the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland that i’ve used before, and it must have significance in my life because I used it to tee up a similar post in the past named Being SMART with diapers. When we know what we want, the path becomes more distinguishable.  We will … Continue reading Our goal must be clear – Problem Solving Series – Session 7