Normalizing my aberrant self

I’m finding that in the last few weeks, amidst all the emotion and ups and downs I am feeling like I am somewhat normalizing my diaper wearing.  I am finding when I want to wear and working through the ins and outs regarding my family.  

While wearing diapers is becoming less of a tense thing, I’m finding that I want to write or feel more directed about writing when I am diapered.  Like so many others say, diapers put me in that space. Perhaps when I am diapered my little is able to get thoughts to the surface in a more controlled manner than a tantrum. There have been times when I am not able to get padded and relax, and my little starts throwing an internal fit to try and let me know it has something to say.

I am learning how my little reacts and feels.  I think I am mainly engaged on my adult side in my life, but my little likes it interject to let me know when I need to remove/reduce stress, relax, or take a minute.  Again, I’m still trying to figure out my little side, and how that interaction occurs but we are learning together.

While this will also be a long journey, perhaps a perpetual one, I know that my wife and I are taking steps in the right direction.  I can only hope that we maintain the forward momentum that was created, and build on it.

Little, baby steps that create huge impacts on our lives.

Photo by luizclas from Pexels

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