Little space and a romper

Just when I think that I'm more or less just a diaper lover my little runs up, kicks me in the padded butt, and runs away.   For this of us who have a little side, or who are aware of it, Little space is the place where I am able to allow myself to feel … Continue reading Little space and a romper

Comfortable in PJs

One of the things I’ve found interesting has been learning what my triggers are that help me feel little.  It stems from experimentation, and some trial and error. One of my first “go-to” things has been Adult onsie PJs.  I don’t have a footed pair, and I’ve even seen some that have covers for the … Continue reading Comfortable in PJs

Too much of something can lead us away

This morning in Church I heard some wisdom from a rather unique child.  Once a month there is an opportunity for people to stand up in front of the congregation and share what they believe.  This boy and his father had an experience over the weekend where he was grateful for technology. It had saved … Continue reading Too much of something can lead us away

Sacrifice, or what we are willing to give

What are we willing to give, and for what cause?  During the Fourth of July holiday week/end I had been thinking about the armed servicemen and women of the United States of America.  The sacrifice they give each and every day so we can live in a manner we choose. Coupled with that I watched … Continue reading Sacrifice, or what we are willing to give

I think I met my little today

Today I had an interesting experience.  I think it was a realization of something that has happened before, and perhaps I’m putting the two things together for the first time.  Then again, correlation does not necessarily imply causation, and I could be making a lot out of nothing. Let’s go down the rabbit hold anyway. … Continue reading I think I met my little today