Why I pad up – The power of proactively padding

I have wanted to read through the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People again with the lens of ABDL, but haven’t been able to get it scheduled yet.  While thinking about this post I almost wanted it to kick start that effort, but I think I will leave this post as standalone for now, and perhaps incorporate it later in a larger series of posts.

I had someone asking me about when/why/how I wear diapers.  I found that I could pretty simply explain that I often reach for a diaper for two reasons.  Those reasons are proactive and reactive.  Let me explain..

Reactive Padding

I think this is more commonly what people think about when they reach for a diaper for an emotional reason as an ABDL, or perhaps earlier on in their journey with learning how to best incorporate diapers into their lives.  Diapers become the response to a stimulus, either internal or external.  

Some internal responses are emotional or medical responses.  Emotional responses for me are typically a reaction to stress or anguish.  My family is involved in many, many things and there are times that stress becomes overwhelming where I want to reach for a diaper to give me a hug, and help me cope.  Anguish is an extension of that where I reactively respond to something I’m experiencing inside, and diapers can help to calm the tempest that is occurring in the teapot of my head.  That anguish and stress may be the result of an external stimulus that is outside of my sphere of influence to control, and we are placed on the defense to respond.

During both of these times I have found repeatedly that diapers become an effective tool in helping me bring things back to center.  In the middle of an emotional torrential downpour I find that diapers will help me get through the situation that I’m currently in more effectively.  This is not always feasible or possible so I try hard to strengthen myself in other ways where I am not solely relying on diapers as something that can help me weather the storms of life.  I find there are times when I will also withhold a diaper from myself to make sure that I know I can handle things without them, and not create an emotional dependency on them that cripples my ability to properly “adult” when I need to reactively.

Proactive Padding

This is the evolution that I have seen in myself.  The progression from reacting to emotions that are placed upon me to a place where I choose what diapers can do for me as a tool in my toolbelt for life.

All to often I think people (mostly male ABDLs) get stuck in the dangerous zone of wanting to wear diapers, but then unable to get past the sexual stimulation that occurrs when they tape up.  It is not until an ABDL can get over the hump (sorry for the pun, I couldn’t take it out) of the initial stimulus that comes with putting a diaper on.  Through normalizing our wearing we are able to get past the hedonistic and carnal response that often occurs for male ABDLs.  Once I was able to harness things on that front I feel I was much more capable of using diapers for their deeper purpose.

While talking to another ABDL we discussed the pros and cons of scheduled wearing, and while I find it an effective tactic for some ABDLs as they are working to gain control of their ability to wear for the biggest benefit.  If you are starting out on the journey to normailzing and accepting diapers as part of who you are a scheduled time to wear a diaper may have good results for you.  Each ABDL is different and will respond to regiment and schedule differently.  For me, it was not the path but that doesn’t mean it cannot be a great method of assistance to many other littles.

In proactive padding we are able to leverage them as a tool that makes us a better little and a better adult.  I know I can be a better, perhaps even the best, version of myself through wearing an adult diaper.  That realization for me has set the stage for further success in this space.  I can have more successful little space as well as more effective adulting while wearing a diaper.

Proactive padding for me is when I look at my calendar (which is often rather eye-twitchingly full) and know that it would be good for me to diaper up for the day in anticipation of the meetings and workload that will come.  This mindset shift has allowed me to attack the day in a healthier way, and that has been the biggest area of growth for me during the shift of work I have experienced during the pandemic.

I’m a good person, even while wearing a diaper.  For those of you still searching for that part of yourself please know that it exists!  Help yourself by setting the stage for success, and learning how you can be proactive in your approach as an ABDL.

Here’s to proactively padding!

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels


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