Balancing Bread Winner and Baby Powder

Adult Baby, an oxymoron if there ever was one.  It is probably the biggest struggle I have now in my life in diapers.  Allowing myself to wear them, and allowing myself to be/feel “little.”  We lead a very busy life, and there isn’t a ton of free/spare time.  I often incorporate my wearing with other … Continue reading Balancing Bread Winner and Baby Powder

Book Review – Crucial Conversations

I am constantly in the middle of a book or three.  I recently had a book shown to me called Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High.  I approach books like this with what I currently am working on in my personal, professional, and spiritual life.  Typically there is one smoking gun I … Continue reading Book Review – Crucial Conversations

Wonder (Book Review) & Reflections

In a story plagued with self-shame and comparison for August there is a glimmer of hope as he searches for his place in the world around him.  For the majority of his childhood he is home schooled, and avoids exposing himself to the criticisms of life.  He eventually finds himself in  Middle School where he … Continue reading Wonder (Book Review) & Reflections

Stress Management, a form of pacification

One of the largest and most positive outcomes of my journey in the anonymized, public space of blogging about my little side has been embracing the ability that diapers have on my stress management.  Learning to harness the power of positive padding has helped me gain insight into what diapers do for me on various … Continue reading Stress Management, a form of pacification

Long-term happiness, for the little & their spouse

During the Great Depression in 1938 Harvard University began a study on 268 of their sophomores in an effort to discover what leads to long-term happy and healthy lives.  This study has since expanded to include the offspring of the original candidates, and as of April 2017 nineteen of the original candidates were still alive … Continue reading Long-term happiness, for the little & their spouse