A Moment of Prayer and the sacred moments in our lives

While listening to one of the Sisters in my parent’s congregation talk about her history with prayer she made the comment that a moment of prayer is a sacred moment.  Prayer is a very personal experience for each and everyone of us.  Whether you are religious or not, meditation is a powerful, personal time when you can reflect and gain insight into various aspects of your own life.  It is also a time to be thankful for the things that you do have. These moments help us realize what we do have, in moments when we are usually focused on what we do not have or things that we are lacking.  

So much of prayer is asking for help regarding things that we do not feel we can accomplish on our own.  We are reaching out for assistance because we need help. Often, I come to prayer feeling “like a child” because I either don’t know what to do or I do not have the path clearly paid out in my mind on how I will accomplish whatever is in my mind.

Side-note: The talk linked by the words “like a child” is one of my favorite discussions about prayer.  Take fifteen minutes and give it a listen or a read. Henry B. Eyring has a way with words where I feel the power of his own personal experience.

As a Child – Henry B. Eyring

I drew the mental parallel of some other sacred moments that we have in our lives.  A few of mine are:

Time with my wife – No other time in my life can approach the sacredness of time spent with my wife.  Everything else is pale in comparison. She is my everything, my best friend. I feel like I am doing a disservice by there only being two sentences in this section, but to anyone that has been in love, or is married, my words should resonate.  There is absolutely nothing I would rather do than spend time with her.

Time with my littles – Coming in a close second is getting time to dedicate to my littles.  Time when I am also not doing other things. This is also hard to come by, and I need to be better here.  Being present, with them, in the moment and not letting any electronic leash pull me away. I am constantly engaged in multiple things at the same time, but this should not be one of them.  Unless I am running an event, and they are part of it. We try very hard to do pretty much everything as a family. This cannot, and should not be expected to, take the place of dedicated time doing what my littles care about the most.  If we are playing Spyro the Dragon, then bring it on. Whatever it is, whatever their passion, should be important to me too!

My volunteer/service/philanthropic opportunities – Also when I think of receiving or giving help with something we are unable to accomplish alone I think of the “Pay It Forward” concept.  Finding ways to help others in a moment when they cannot help themselves. This can be something as simple as pushing a disabled vehicle off the road, paying for someone’s meal, or a number of other things, in my opinion, are best served anonymously and secretly. These opportunities, whether they be public or not, are when I feel the most pure and explosive inner  joy. I am overcome with emotion when serving, or even seeing someone else serving.

“The noblest art is that of making others happy”

P.T. Barnum

When we are engaged in making someone else happy, we often lose sight of our own troubles even if it is only for a small moment.

My little time – I put this at the bottom because I truly feel the things I have listed above are more important.  While there are times when I will escalate my own time to be diapered, it is only to help bring balance to other stresses that have bleed over from other aspects of my life.  I am working to silo some of these efforts to help contain stress and avoid the previously mentioned spillage from one to another. My own little time is a great and special time.  I very rarely get to diaper and have nothing else going on. Typically when I get to wear a diaper I am also doing something else. I find that I am still adulting when trying to get into this space which I think prohibits the process for myself.  I am going to try and find time and space to just be little, and not have it sideloaded with other things.

I believe finding dedicated time and space for this will help little time be a special moment for me.  This is more a call to action for myself than anything else. I do not schedule or make time for myself.  I most likely neglect myself, and I hope that bringing balance to my life (through being open and honest with myself and my wife) I can dedicate time for myself to be little.  One baby step at a time.

Make the most of every moment, whether it be with loved ones, while serving, or when taking a few moments for yourself.  You can never get these moments back once they are gone, so spend your time anxiously engaged in a good cause.

While fictitious, and a movie quote, I still really like to point that comes across while Tony Stark talks to his father in Avengers: Endgame. (spoiler alert, but come on the movie has been out for weeks now).

“No amount of money ever bought a second of time.”

Tony Stark, Avengers: Endgame

Live now, be present.

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

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