On top of the world

Why is it in our moments of pure elation and happiness, that we turn to think about what is going to mess it up and bring us back down?  There I was, four days into an amazing week. Great things had happened, I had been working out, eating right, and checking all the boxes I … Continue reading On top of the world

Speaking YOUR language

When we learn to accept and understand ourselves, we are able to begin speaking "our" language.  The language of who we truly are. Finding our own voice, and learning how to articulate that to first ourselves and then others will empower us to become better people. This concept came from my little sister who, at … Continue reading Speaking YOUR language

Book Review (sorta) and Creating Healthy Boundaries 

Earlier this year I message Rosalie Bent a number of times as I began my journey.  I had purchased Coffee with Rosie earlier and had discussed it a bit with her as I began talking to my wife about diapers.  During our conversations she sent me something else to read that she thought might benefit … Continue reading Book Review (sorta) and Creating Healthy Boundaries 

Being big enough to be a little

There is a spectrum in the ABDL community.  An oversimplification of this would be to consider Diaper Lovers on one side, and Adult Babies on the other.  I have meet littles and DLs on various places on the spectrum. The reasoning and placement of ourselves along the spectrum is the resultant of many, many variables.  … Continue reading Being big enough to be a little

What do we resolve to be?

During this time of the year there is an abundance of gym memberships, goals, and fad-dieting brought into people’s lives.  We want to make changes, but do we commit? Do we resolve to change ourselves?  The definition of resolve uses the words “firm determination” more than once in its various definitions.  We all want to: … Continue reading What do we resolve to be?

Heart to Heart – Principle 1

O How Great is the Nothingness of the Children of Men True self-mastery comes from turning our “self” over to the Master. I have taken many Professional Development or Organizational Management classes.  I enjoy them, and revel in applying new concepts and methodologies into my life. My professional, personal, and religious lives are all so … Continue reading Heart to Heart – Principle 1

Stress Management, a form of pacification

One of the largest and most positive outcomes of my journey in the anonymized, public space of blogging about my little side has been embracing the ability that diapers have on my stress management.  Learning to harness the power of positive padding has helped me gain insight into what diapers do for me on various … Continue reading Stress Management, a form of pacification