Book Review – Crucial Conversations

I am constantly in the middle of a book or three.  I recently had a book shown to me called Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High.  I approach books like this with what I currently am working on in my personal, professional, and spiritual life.  Typically there is one smoking gun I … Continue reading Book Review – Crucial Conversations

Wonder (Book Review) & Reflections

In a story plagued with self-shame and comparison for August there is a glimmer of hope as he searches for his place in the world around him.  For the majority of his childhood he is home schooled, and avoids exposing himself to the criticisms of life.  He eventually finds himself in  Middle School where he … Continue reading Wonder (Book Review) & Reflections

Cinder, another Book Review “ish”

We find solace in the most interesting places.  Answers come if you are looking for them, and have a heart open to it.  This wasn’t a direct answer to anything that I had been searching for, but it was a moment where I felt like I connected with another experience, albeit fictitious.  These moments or … Continue reading Cinder, another Book Review “ish”

Book Review (sorta) and Creating Healthy Boundaries 

Earlier this year I message Rosalie Bent a number of times as I began my journey.  I had purchased Coffee with Rosie earlier and had discussed it a bit with her as I began talking to my wife about diapers.  During our conversations she sent me something else to read that she thought might benefit … Continue reading Book Review (sorta) and Creating Healthy Boundaries 

Heart to Heart, a series – Introduction

While in Church a previous Sunday it was announced that a Heart To Heart class would be starting at the ward, or congregational level, in the coming months.  I think I let the announcement float over me the first time. Then again, it was discussed more, and my wife and I both talked about attending … Continue reading Heart to Heart, a series – Introduction

Binge and Purge, digitally and diapers

It happened.  The thought entered my mind again, but in a new way.  Get rid of the things, because throwing something away is the best way to never think about it again. (not so much).  The difference in this thought process, as opposed to my previous binge/purge thoughts, is that it surrounds the digital footprint … Continue reading Binge and Purge, digitally and diapers

Book Review: Coffee With Rosie (AberrantlyMe’s Perspective)

I took some time out of my morning to read through one of the books that I've purchased. Coffee With Rosie, written by Rosalie Bent, is a short book written for the loves ones/spouses of Adult Babies. It is meant to help them with the conversations that haven't happened yet, are currently happening, or have … Continue reading Book Review: Coffee With Rosie (AberrantlyMe’s Perspective)