Being big enough to be a little

There is a spectrum in the ABDL community.  An oversimplification of this would be to consider Diaper Lovers on one side, and Adult Babies on the other.  I have meet littles and DLs on various places on the spectrum. The reasoning and placement of ourselves along the spectrum is the resultant of many, many variables.  Our environment, our upbringing, our opportunities, and our choices all engage in the placement of where we fit ourselves in the ABDL community.  

The most conservative of Diaper Lovers find themselves only wearing diapers and themselves even struggle to relate to those farther down the line.  The other end of the line find Adult Babies who search to recreate infancy in their adult years through a caregiver and complete immersion into a world of little space, or complete mental escape from what most would consider “normal.”  I find that almost all of us exist somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

I have moved along the spectrum to a certain extent in the last few years as I’ve learned more about myself.  I have allowed myself to admit to myself things that I had suppressed for decades. First, that I do like to wear diapers.  What a novelty for an Adult Baby or Diaper Lover to admit to themselves, right?! That admission, followed by others, allowed me to accept that there was a little inside of me.  This little, I’m finding, wants to serve a purpose to help me.  To shield me from overburdening myself with stress and pain.  This little inside of me presents itself when I need help. When I need to pull back on over scheduling or over committing myself. 

During this time I have accepted and learn to understand that I like printed-style diapers.  They invoke a feeling of “little” and calm me amidst the storms that may be raging outside. This, and other realizations, slide me down the spectrum from the Diaper Lover side where I was trying to force myself.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Diaper Lover. For myself, I am learning where I am at along this spectrum. This realization continues to empower me in being able to allow diapers and my little side to build me up.  For decades I suppressed this, and it ended up pulling me down. This was self-inflicted, and I was caused more harm than good all in an effort to try and better myself. The best of intentions were a bit misguided, and limited my growth.

With that groundwork laid, I want to bring the concept I am incorporating into my life.  The idea that I am big enough to know when to be little.  While there are times when I would like to hide away, put on a diaper, and escape reality I know that feasibly that is not possible.  Nor is it the right thing for a husband and father to do. I have people that rely on me, and I must leverage diapers to help balance me, not overtake me.  I believe this is the responsibility of us as Adult Babies.  We must adult when we need to, and allow our little side to help us maintain that balance when we need it to.  Moderation in all things.

Find time for yourself, and be present when it matters.  That includes when it matters most for YOU.  Allow yourself to be little, but keep it within the bounds of a healthy life.

Be big, but let yourself be little too!

Photo by Cody King from Pexels

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