Stress Management, a form of pacification

One of the largest and most positive outcomes of my journey in the anonymized, public space of blogging about my little side has been embracing the ability that diapers have on my stress management.  Learning to harness the power of positive padding has helped me gain insight into what diapers do for me on various levels.

I find personal peace and comfort, even a level of security, when wearing a diaper.  There is a calm that washes over me as I am able to wear. Even in a “normal” day situation where I am working or being the same person I would be without a diaper on, I find I am more centered and able to handle the rigors of life a bit better in high-stress environments.  I find this to be a different space than little space, perhaps being a big boy but not really?!

It has been through a few experiences in recent weeks that have helped me feel more okay and accepting of what diapers are doing for me.  Coping with stress and dealing with multiple tasks is internally and externally handled differently while wearing a diaper. I think I am capable of performing well under stress without a diaper, but that feeling, that crinkle, that bit of waddle brings a smile to my face that helps take the edge off of life’s crazy moments. Printed diapers also do this for me. Knowing something little is printed on my diapers brings another layer of relief and smile to my little side.

It is interesting that so far I have found more pacification in wearing a diaper than a pacifier itself.  The key for all Adult Babies or Diapers Lovers is to find the object or action, whatever it might be, that helps bring you back.  

I have also had the recent experience of a migraine going away from sucking my thumb. In full disclosure, I do not believe that I was ever a thumb sucker earlier in life. I think I did it out of the pain of my migraine, and wanting to escape (I think I’ve tried it a time or two while “little” but with no real consistency or urge to return to it). For those who have migraines, we know that we most often find ourselves in a dark, quiet room to help remove visual and auditory stimulus. I, unfortunately, had the luxury of neither of these. I was driving four hours to attend the Temple with someone going through for the first time. If I was going to make it on time I had to be on the road, driving, not in a dark room.  After a few minutes I realized that the pain was edging off, and I was beginning to feel better. Call it a tender mercy or a blessing, but I was able to drive safely to my destination, and be part of the special experience with a loved one.

Part of me, the scientific part that has tried to analyze and figure out my migraines, goes directly to a nerve or pressure relief that occurred while sucking my thumb.  Perhaps that is the case in this particular moment (because I want more data, more opportunities to understand it), but I am finding more and more that my little wants to help me through diapers and other means to live a happier and healthier life.

Thumb sucking, is like so many of the other aspects of discovering yourself as a little (Adult Baby) or a Diaper Lover. Some of these are learned through experiencing them. Through these trial and error situations we learn what aspects of diaper and being little can become tools in our effort to live a happy, healthy, balanced life with diapers.

Find what works for you, and leverage the tools that you have.

Even if that tool crinkles.

Photo by Inzmam Khan from Pexels

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