Too much of something can lead us away

This morning in Church I heard some wisdom from a rather unique child.  Once a month there is an opportunity for people to stand up in front of the congregation and share what they believe.  This boy and his father had an experience over the weekend where he was grateful for technology. It had saved them a large amount of time and discomfort.  After saying how grateful he was for his dad’s phone and a few other things that helped them out he warned us against addiction. He said that addiction take us away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Wearing diapers can be a good thing, but being addicted to them, where we are making choices to wear them over other, more important things, they take us away from what really matters most in life.  We have to be big, or adult, enough to know when we can be little (a topic for another post that I’m working on).

This simple principle that came from a young man really touched me today, as it is one of my core rules surrounding myself and diapers.  When the desire, urge, yearning, or want to wear diapers comes I work to make sure that I am not prioritizing diapers over my responsibilities as a husband, father, or Priesthood holder in the Church.
That being said, I believe that diapers serve as a comfort for me.  They help me to rebalance myself when I need it. I have worked to learn more about my little side.  I think it wants me to be happy, and is trying to help me.

Everyday, work to stay on the Covenant path.

Photo by Steven Arenas from Pexels

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