Little space and a romper

Just when I think that I’m more or less just a diaper lover my little runs up, kicks me in the padded butt, and runs away.  

For this of us who have a little side, or who are aware of it, Little space is the place where I am able to allow myself to feel “little” or when I also my little too come out to play. I qualify this statement personal because, one I don’t know enough about my own little or this space in general to speak about patterns or commonalities, and two I believe this part of an Adult Baby is very personalized.  What makes me feel little is part of my experience, and what my little side likes. While others may enjoy aspects or pieces of the same things I do, this is something my little had catered specific to my needs, wants, and preferences.

That being said, I have wanted to try a onesie for a long time but had never pulled the trigger on doing so.  Being an endowed member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they have a precarious place anyway.  Endowed members wear a special garment that reflects an outward expression of an inward commitment.

Partially for this reason I have been hesitant to try this aspect of ABDL, in an effort to continue to provide balance in the place that diapers have in my life. In discussions with fellow adult babies and diaper lovers I have found that there are others who do wear onsies them for concealment purposes in their daily wearing. These are typically simple in design, and help mask the sound and appearance of a diaper during daily, public wear.

I finally caved after many times not purchasing one.  I ended up choosing a romper with a design that I thought was really neat.  This is something newer to me, and I continue to discover that prints and designs resonate with me and my little side. When the opportunity presented itself I was able to try it on.

Immediately wrapped in warmth, lulled into a place of quiet mental space.  The worry and craziness of my day melted away for a moment. In that moment of serenity I was able to prepare myself for what lay ahead in my day and week.  My little was able to quickly recharge my mental batteries that deplete at times. They are typically drained sure to my inability to create space and dedicate time for myself and my emotional will being.  That time is always just out of reach over the horizon. This is something I have personally recommitted and need to improve on. Burning the candle at both ends and not taking care of myself doesn’t serve anyone very effectively for sustainable amounts of time without a crash and burn effect coming into play.

My little helps me recognize that, and provides the opportunity for me to get back on track.  Because I am not currently creating time and space for myself, it recognizes I need to get the job done a different way. These moments are today very short lived, yet very effective.  My little had found that it must take advantage of the same moments when I let my guard down and let it in to play. This experience was very similar to my discovery that mittens on a pair of adult onsie PJs put my into the same space. I am thankful to have more and more of these experiences so I can better understand myself.

I’m learning my little side

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