Sacrifice, or what we are willing to give

What are we willing to give, and for what cause?  During the Fourth of July holiday week/end I had been thinking about the armed servicemen and women of the United States of America.  The sacrifice they give each and every day so we can live in a manner we choose. Coupled with that I watched a movie with my family this morning called 17 Miracles. A film that discussed the sacrifice of the pioneers who trekked West in the mid-late 1800s to settle the west (the people that actually lived and suffered through what became the video game, Oregon Trail, and all of it’s subsequent releases).  Many of these individuals were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They lived and died for what they believed in, as they walked over a 1,000 miles after many of them voyaged by boat from Europe and other countries by handcart. They carried their entire lives on two wheel. Some sacrificed everything they had to travel west to Zion where the pioneers were settling the Salt Lake Valley along with many of the towns, communities, and cities of the West.  Some gave all for the future, for others.  

I have written previously about what I’m willing to give for the better good.  I’m talking about the better good of my family. Diapers are part of who I am, but I would fight the internal fight every day if that meant the long-term, sustainable happiness to my family.  I am not comparing my sacrifice to anything like that of those who came before me as pioneers or as those who serve our Country each and every day. My hope is that I am willing to be as valiant and faithful as they were.  That I can be true to myself, to my belief, and to my family.

The bright moment, the happiness, the miracle of the week is that amidst all of the emotions that I have been feeling is that I will not have to make that choice.  I have an amazing wife, she truly is someone with the unconditional love that an adult baby diaper lover needs. All too often we do not love ourselves, and it takes the love of another as we work to discover who we are, so we can first love ourselves. She is learning, as we both our, about how to live healthily with diapers.  In the last few days she showed me, through her actions, that she loves me.

She showed me, and I felt it. It has been something both myself and my little have been yearning for. She accepts this part of me, and is willing to figure it out. She has taken the step into the darkness so we can hold hands and continue the journey side-by-side. I view this as a sacrifice she has made as well. She is giving another part of herself to me, and I will show her through my love that it is the most precious gift.(I’m still trying to write this experience, to give it justice. It will be another post in the future. It is so special and impactful, that it is taking time to find the words to associate with the emotions that I felt.)

We are truly better together.  We see the vision of who we are as an eternal couple.  The Gospel gives us that perspective, and I truly believe it is the knowledge of that plan and our beliefs, that will be the guiding light and our way through as I learn more about myself, my little side, and how we can both learn to love my little and the diapers that come with it.

Here’s to padded peace and prosperity with my eternal partner!

Photo by Everton Nobrega from Pexels

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