Comfortable in PJs

One of the things I’ve found interesting has been learning what my triggers are that help me feel little.  It stems from experimentation, and some trial and error. One of my first “go-to” things has been Adult onsie PJs.  I don’t have a footed pair, and I’ve even seen some that have covers for the hands, but I own a number of PJs that I enjoy wearing.  They put me in a comfortable state. This evening I got home from an event, and decided while I unwind that I would pad up and put on a new pair of PJs that I had purchased.  I went back and forth a bit on it, but now that I’m sitting here with a bit of a crinkle and fuzzy pajamas on I’m smiling on the inside.

It has been a great day!  Lots of things happened today, and it ended very well.  Perhaps this is the icing on the cake, and maybe this is even a reward for such a great day.  I’m not looking for feel little to escape stress right now. I’m not trying to hide from responsibility or work (I may even do a bit of it tonight while it is nice and quiet).  This again brings a different perspective to my own self and leveraging my little side as a resource.

I’ve been wanting to try a onsie or a romper for a while now, but hadn’t purchased one until yesterday.  I finally pulled the trigger, and am excited to see if it has any effect on me. I hope the longer that my wife and I talk and build out my little self in our relationship that she will understand their place as well.  I’m learning, and I hope to be able to share that with her as well.

So littles, whatever your thing is, enjoy it.  I’m working to maintain moderation in my little side, and I know that as long as I keep my family and faith first that things will fall where they should.  

To the loved ones out there, your little may like things that help him or her be little.  Diapers are almost always one of those transformational objects. It may even be a printed diaper that does it.  Try to learn and work with your little as you grow together. Be able to talk with each other, and ask questions.  Ask questions in a way that helps your little feel loved. Some of these questions are hard, but you will be better together.  Littles, be open and receptive. When you are asked a question, thank them first. Let them know how much you love them for feeling comfortable enough to ask the question in the first place!

Be comfortable in your own skin (and diaper)!

Photo by from Pexels

One thought on “Comfortable in PJs

  1. Thank you for sharing. I have recently realized there is a small simple thing that my wife does for me on occasion that is calming and peaceful, and has begun putting me in a “little” mindset. Since my wife and I are still progressing toward me actually wearing diapers, I cherish this small thing very much.

    My wife is still working to understand it, and I am still working on how to explain it and to express how it makes me feel. Unfortunately, she still views it as a sexual addiction, so essentially anything that does or could give that “little” comfort, she fears will feed the addiction. Blessedly, I have moved passed the sexual addictive part long ago, and am now learning all the ways in can be a benefit.


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