Small, defining moments of growth

Wearing in public is not something new to me.  I have become more and comfortable with wearing in public the more I do it.  I feel that there are times when I can recall wearing in public has furthered my own acceptance of myself in diapers.  A few in particular that come to mind are all related to air travel.

The first was regarding a bag check that I received while walking through security.  I have a fair amount of electronics with me so being stopped for a bag evaluation is nothing new to me.  This trip in particular I had a few extra diapers in my backpack, and they were removed.  Other times they weren’t even looked at but on this check they removed them from my bag.  It was a silent acknowledgement that I was “owning” what was in my bag.  Nothing was said, but it was a moment where I found myself taking a step forward in accepting that part of me.  I put them in the bag, and was willing to own who I was.

Another that is also related to security was being stopped at the full body scan and receiving the first step in the pat down process.  During that pat down they check your waist, and after he asked me if I had any additional “padding.”  It was a quick and simple response, but again I owned the skin that I was in.  I owned that I was wearing a diaper at that time.  I didn’t balk at it or hide from it.

Lastly, while on a long flight I needed a change.  Like I previously said, I pack an extra or two in my bag that I got out to take to the lavatory to change into.  I looked around for a magazine or small bag that I could hide the diaper in to take it through the plane to the bathroom.  There really wasn’t a good solution, and I didn’t want to take my backpack into an already small space.  Again I chose in that moment to accept what I was doing, and took it out of my bag and walked up to the bathroom.  Like the rest of my diaper wearing, I did not flaunt what I was holding or wearing.  I didn’t make a point to show it off, I actually folded it again to conceal it as much as I could on the walk.

In each of these moments of growth I have been nervous, anxious, and/or worried.  Growth doesn’t come without stretching ourselves.  We are often placed into situations where we must make the choice, like mine above, of who we will be.  I challenge each and every one of you to take a moment, and look for ways in which you can be proactive in your own growth.  We are all on different steps with our self acceptance and understanding of ourselves in diapers. 

We might choose to:

Whatever you choose to do, find your way to hold yourself accountable.  Write the goal down, and share it with someone else.  “Goals that are not written are just wishes.” If you need someone to share with please reach out to me!  We are stronger and better together as we learn more about ourselves.  Knowing I was not really alone was one of the biggest moments of growth to me.  I now have a community of support I know I can reach out to when I need them.

Find a better way, everyday

Photo by Sourav Mishra from Pexels

2 thoughts on “Small, defining moments of growth

  1. Hi Abberanltlyme,

    Thank you for this post. As I read your post I found myself agreeing with everything you had written. I have been wearing diapers for a long time, but I have only up until recently been able to say that “I am a Diaper Lover” and to be able to own that statement and in doing so I have been able to own this identity and been able to share it with my wife (I think she suspected it all along anyway), and along with that I have been able to confidently wear my diapers in public, without feeling the shame and stigma that is often cast when someone is wearing diapers.

    Thank you again & I look forward to hearing more from you.



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