How do we #HearHim?

In the last year I have learned to focus more and more on the Spirit, and how it can guide me in my life in diapers.  I continually strive for balance, and want to find the best place for diapers in my life.  If they can be something beneficial and healthy in my life I want them to be part of who I am.  

The struggle is they have always been part of my life, whether I wanted them to or not.  I have changed my mindset, and began working to incorporate them in a way that would allow me to grow, and not just feel stunted by the binge/purge cycle that would overcome me. 

How do we hear Him?

Elder Bednar tells us he hears them in the Scriptures.

I have approached diapers in the last year similarly to how I approach other big decisions, struggles, and choices.  I changed my mindset to bring what I had to the Lord, and asked for help and strength.  Instead of cycling through binge/purge and shame I focused on who I was.  I found out that I was still me, still worth something, even while wearing a diaper.  This came through thought, study, prayer, and searching for Him.  Instead of making them poison I tried to focus on how they could help me be a better person.

Even considering that last statement was a game changer.  Wait, what?!  Diapers could actually help me be a better person?!  Was that even possible?  I’m working on it, but through experiences I’ve had since, through people I’ve met both in person and online, through giving myself a chance I’m learning that it is.  I have worn diapers when I’ve needed them alone, and they have helped.  I’ve worn diapers amidst hundreds of other people that I’m leading through a community event, and they have helped.  There has been a peace and a comfort knowing that I can still be me, the best parts of me, while wearing a diaper.

We have to make the choice to hear Him.  We have to want to hear Him.  Sometimes hearing him hurts because we will need to do things differently.  I have felt this as well in conversations with my wifeWe are a team, just like the Savior and I are a team.  Working together, with a common purpose, for the success of each other and our family.  She makes me better, and I work hard to help her be the best version of herself as well.  She and I are truly Better Together.  

The same rules apply between you and the Savior.  We have to want to listen.  When we do, when we really listen, amazing things can happen.  I encourage you to find that thing in your life that is drowning out the voice, the feeling, the promptings of the Holy Ghost to help you become more like God and his Son.  The more we can dial ourselves in, the more in tune we will be.  The beautiful music of the Gospel is playing. Can we hear it?

Can we #HearHim?

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