The power of your mindset

Our thoughts are powerful.  So much of how we view ourselves, with or without diapers, come from the thoughts that fill our own minds.  I know that I’ve walked past the same mirror in my bedroom and had drastically different thoughts.  They have been accepting and positive, and at other times shaming and hurtful.  Those … Continue reading The power of your mindset

Sculpting our best selves

There are moments that exist within the walls of our mind where we struggle, battle, converse, and reconcile who we are with ourselves.  These can be the most gratifying or painful conversations that we ever have.  All too often we avoid these conversations because they are painful.  Growth, change, and improvement is painful.  Like most … Continue reading Sculpting our best selves

The power of music = the power of love

I have a powerful connection to music.  I love listening to the beauty and math behind music.  Progression and flow make sense to my brain.  Beat matching and creating flow for a crowd are something that I rather enjoy.  I have many memories tied to songs (both positive and painful), and I find answers through … Continue reading The power of music = the power of love

Kink, Fetish, Quirk? What words do we use?

I have the hardest time with the word fetish as it relates to my ABDL side.  The same goes for the word kink as well.  We all have a word that we use to describe our connection with diapers, and I pull back when I hear people use the word fetish/kink.   Fetish is defined as … Continue reading Kink, Fetish, Quirk? What words do we use?

Problem Solving (a series) – Beginning

I’m beginning a series of workshop classes that will span over the coming months.  I really enjoyed working through a previous series (Heart-to-Heart), and drawing parallels to my ABDL life.  While I’m sitting here with CEOs, directors, and other leaders talking about their expectations of the coursework I am also drawing links in my own … Continue reading Problem Solving (a series) – Beginning

Barely eaten ice cream (Why we do things)

My children, like many others, are drawn to our local ice cream shop.  We drive past it most days, and so it constantly presents itself to my kids.  Luring them in for an escape, a taste of something sweeter than they typically consume on a daily basis.  I, like most other parents, limit the times … Continue reading Barely eaten ice cream (Why we do things)

The moments we might not even remember

We all have experiences that shape our lives.  These might be huge events or small moments in the history of our lives, but they occur.  There are times these experiences become immediately useful to us, and other times we may not incorporate them into who we are for years.  There are lesser times, unfortunate times, … Continue reading The moments we might not even remember

What we choose to focus on will grow

There are so many versions of this quote, but the last few times I heard it in a meeting or a Facebook post, or in passing it resonated with me in a different way. Whatever we put out time, attention, and passion into will grow (whether that be healthy or destructive).  So many time when … Continue reading What we choose to focus on will grow

Not all pacifiers are pacis

We all have that thing that takes us to a place of peace.  For some of us it is an experience or activity.  For some of us it is an object.  What is your weighted blanket, diaper, or pacifier?  Through a little series of experiences I think I’m seeing something that provides that to my … Continue reading Not all pacifiers are pacis