The power of your mindset

Our thoughts are powerful.  So much of how we view ourselves, with or without diapers, come from the thoughts that fill our own minds.  I know that I’ve walked past the same mirror in my bedroom and had drastically different thoughts.  They have been accepting and positive, and at other times shaming and hurtful.  Those thoughts are how I am currently perceiving myself.

That perception, in that moment, is my reality.  A thought, however small, can cascade from that mirror into the rest of my day.  Suddenly that thought now impacts how I’m interacting with my spouse, and my children.  It is impacting my work life, and associated interactions there.  It also impacts my social life, and search for personal enjoyment.

If I allow it, one thought can impact the rest of my day, and even have long-term impacts on my life if I do not silo those emotions and experiences.  

While having a recent discussion with my son he pointed out a quote that he really liked.  I really like that he is thinking in this mindset, and is hopefully understanding the power of his thoughts.

Your Thoughts become your words.
Your Words become your action.
Your Actions become your habits.
Your habits become your character.
Your character determines your future.

How often do we make a mountain out of a molehill?  We lose sight of perspective and our vision shifts from long-term successes to the man in the mirror.  That small window of perspective is not enough to capture who we are.  Please don’t let a single snapshot of a moment drive who you are.  Yes, you are the diapered person staring back at you, but there is also so much more making up who you are.  Remember to focus on long-term successes while celebrating the little wins in life.  Take the less that optimal moments in stride, and hang in there for the long haul.

For whoever needs to hear it today, keep your head up!

You are full of worth!

Photo by Min An from Pexels

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