A week without wearing

Recently as I’ve been trying to normalize some of the things in my life again I've picked back up a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout routine and am beginning to reincorporate running into my life.  With this wanted change comes the need to make some modifications to my daily routine as well to help … Continue reading A week without wearing

Recognizing baby steps

Baby steps are foundational to us making lasting changes in our lives.  These steps are in no way limited to only the journey of an ABDL.  In a discussion with my wife this week we talked about the importance of implementing small, smart changes in our lives that can build to lasting changes.   All too … Continue reading Recognizing baby steps

Barely eaten ice cream (Why we do things)

My children, like many others, are drawn to our local ice cream shop.  We drive past it most days, and so it constantly presents itself to my kids.  Luring them in for an escape, a taste of something sweeter than they typically consume on a daily basis.  I, like most other parents, limit the times … Continue reading Barely eaten ice cream (Why we do things)

The moments we might not even remember

We all have experiences that shape our lives.  These might be huge events or small moments in the history of our lives, but they occur.  There are times these experiences become immediately useful to us, and other times we may not incorporate them into who we are for years.  There are lesser times, unfortunate times, … Continue reading The moments we might not even remember