The menu of life, and what we order

What brings value, and what is fluff or French fries?

We reach for diapers for different reasons, and for far too long in my life I only reached for them when I wanted fluff.  I let the surface emotions rule my wearing, and would binge of the ice cream and sweetness that was wearing a diaper, and not let them actually help me for the reason I was padding up.  

What I’ve discovered is the deeper I’ve been able to accept myself as an Adult Baby Diaper Lover husband, father, and individual the more I’ve been able to push past the sweetness on the menu, and wear a diaper for the nutritious parts of the menu of life.  I am able to pad up with the intent of helping my emotional wellbeing and long-term happiness in my day.  

I now find purpose in my padding, and proactively reach for diapers in an effort to be the best version of myself possible.  

While sugar is sweet, it is far too short lived and will lead us in the direction of too many negative side effects in life.  

In running and generally being more healthy I heard the quote that said, “nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.”  I didn’t truly understand this feeling until I was eating healthy and could really FEEL what a healthy body and a great run felt like.  

Do I still eat ice cream?  Yes, it happens but I strive each day for a healthier balance where I am leveraging the experiences in my life to lead to the best outcomes possible.  

Remember kiddos to eat your veggies!

Photo by Jonathan Borba


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