300 pages and 200 posts

If you want to grow, familiarize yourself with being uncomfortable. It is in that space where we are outside of our comfort zone in which we can improve ourselves in all aspects of life.  When I began running and exercising everything hurt.  It was a continuation of running and exercising coupled with better eating and encouragement from my wife that found the most success in my physical fitness than I’d ever had before.  It continues to not be easy, but continues to be worth it.

When I began this iteration of my journey for understanding of myself as someone who wanted to wear a diaper, I found myself in front of my iPad’s keyboard with many, many thoughts swimming around in my head.  I was no stranger to the binge/purge cycle, but wanted this time to be different.  I had never considered that accepting myself as an ABDL was acceptable to myself, my wife, and my Father in Heaven.  It was behind this keyboard that I began to dump everything I was feeling.  I unloaded emotions, questions, fears, and hopes onto that blank page (the same document in which I am presently editing today).  

Through many conversations, experiences, connections, and growth I find myself 300 pages into my journey and 200 posts on my blog.  The accumulation of the last three years of my journey for self connection and community.  

This growth has not been easy, and it has not been without pain and pinch points but I know now that the answer is not to hide myself away from myself.  The answer is not throwing away part of who I am, but embracing everything that makes me who I am.  It is accepting, incorporating, and utilizing everything that makes me unique and beautiful as a person.  In this I am not a unicorn.  You too are the one-of-a-kind accumulation of your life’s experiences.  Our lives include diapers, and that is okay.

Embrace you, the best you!


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