“My heart is softening” – My wife’s growth

During family scripture study this year we have been discussing the Old Testament.  If your family is anything like mine we have historically focused less on these books in the Bible.  My wife has been doing a great job in helping the children stay consistent in their studies, and we’ve had some discussions outside the family time that have been really meaningful.  One of them related back to my wife’s growth with me as an ABDL.

In Exodus the phrase “in process of time” is used, and it touched my wife’s heart in our journey together since I crinkled into her life.

She shared that she is learning patience in various parts of her life, and “in [the] process of time” she has found patience, not with me wearing a diaper, but with herself and how she accepts and embraces me in diapers.  Her progression has been centered around working with herself, who she is, and how she loves me with diapers as part of my life.

“I accept you, and am moving to embracing you.”

This is a big step past previous conversations that involved tacit approval/acceptance, and the change to accepting and acceptance.  

The conversation came from a quick interaction I had with her in the morning where I had come back from a run, showered, and was getting ready for my day.  I had the random thought to ask her if she wanted to pick out the diaper I was going to wear for the day.  She agreed to the task so I grabbed her three options.  Normally her choice would be the highlight of the story, and what I would have had ingrained into my brain, but her statement following was what stuck with me after she left and came back in a few minutes later.

I gave her a high five, and thanked her for choosing my padding for the day, and she smiled and said, “Next time, I will help you put it on.”  I was a bit taken back, and I’m not sure how long it took for the smile on my face to wear off.

This was another little win I make sure that I write down, and imprint into my mind about how our journey together the last three years has celebrated more wins than setbacks.  We are closer as a couple and have continued to grow together with me in diapers.

Another reminder that we are indeed better together!

Photo by Designecologist


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