A bit about perspective

I’m a nerd by profession.  Playing with new toys and new ways to work always intrigues me.  This blog itself was an excuse to get a new device that I could test for possible use for customers in the future.  With that in mind I have been waiting for Apple to release iPadOS to introduce native mouse support (something that Android has had for a number of releases on their tablets and phones).  I got iOS 13.1 downloaded, and paired a mouse to my iPad on my way into a meeting.

There I sat, looking at the normal pile of emails that had come in to be addressed.  I had looked at this emails already on a number of different screens, but seeing them in dark mode, on a different screen, in a different way gave me a surge of productivity.  I found that while waiting for the meeting to start that I plowed through a number of messages that had been needing my attention. This continued for a number of meetings throughout the day.  I found new life in a device that I’ve had with me for years.

The data or problems hadn’t changed at all, only my view of the thing had changed.  Sitting in that meeting I thought about the parallels that existed in other parts of my life, and the last few months.  I thought of two that related to diapers in the recent past.

Styles of diapers, and the associated “feels”

ABDLs know there are various styles and prints of diapers.  Most of us start in the white, Depend variety and someday are brought into the colorful word of ABDL-printed diapers.  I remember the first time I put on a printed diaper, and the difference it felt. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was what I know call my little side.  That version of myself that enjoys wearing onesie PJs, and letting that part of myself out. The part of me that brings comfort and some peace to an otherwise stressful life.

Learning what puts us into that space, and the benefits we feel from that unlocks they “why” behind our diaper wearing.  Once we can understand and embrace that part of ourselves diapers can perform the function we are looking for. It has been a lot of little discoveries for me as I find out what brings me to that space, and what benefits come from wearing.

How our perspective differs from our spouses

While this seems obvious, I have learned so much as I appreciate the difference in perspective that my wife and I have regarding diapers, what wearing means to me, and the overall experience.  I always took for granted my perspective and diapers. I have never known any different, so wearing a diaper was not a huge shift from “normal” in my mind. The longer I talk with my wife about diapers, the more I realize that Baby Steps and lots of simple conversations make all the difference.  The statement “I like to wear diapers” is NOT consumable for most people. There are many smaller conversations that should occur that help the ABDL and their loved one understand each other.  

Appreciating my wife’s perspective helps me understand where she is, what her reservations are, and what our next Baby Step should be.  It is definitely a marathon, and not a sprint.

Littles, take the time to appreciate perspective.  Where we are coming from is drastically different than where our spouse, parent, or boy/girlfriend is coming from.  Until we begin to understand that, we cannot share with them what is in our heart and mind. The more we begin to understand about them, the more we can share and help them understand us.  

I’m still working to share to help my wife really understand what diapers are doing for me.  There is more to my story that I work to share with my wife. Helping her understand my “why” will help to facilitate her acceptance with my padded self even more.  Just remember to never neglect what they are thinking.

Be better together!

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