Heart to Hearth – Principle 7, And never, Until I did cry out

This principle opens with making examples of external and internal controls.  We must learn how to live eternal principles while battling internal and external forces. It speaks of having all desire to do evil removed, and not because we have some external force assisting us or controlling us to behave.

One thing that I have really liked is that the principles have been building upon each other and then reenforces the principles before.  Foundationally, it brings back the importance of the principles that we have been through before and deepens their purpose and meaning while keeping them the foundation of the repentance process.

Anger is typically a second form of something else.  It is the resultant of a deeper issue, or something more at the core of our problems.  The same with addiction. Addictions are typically an effect or an action to cover up an emotion, an action, or issue that we wish to hide, cover up, and forget.  Take a moment and think about that. We focus so much about the act that is our addiction. Why are you doing “x” thing? The act of addiction comes as a knee jerk to the root of the issue.

“Sin is intensely habit forming” – The Miracle of Forgiveness

We are promised we will be shown by word (Gospel, scriptures) and also power and deed.  What is the difference between the two things?

  • Power – Are these promptings of the Spirit?  The spiritual and moving moments that occur individually?  Is this ordinances and covenants? The blessings of keeping his commandments and the rewards we are promised in the sacrament and each ordinance we enter into?
  • Deed – what acts or deeds are performed for us?  Ministering, tender mercies, blessings? Are those the forms in which we see the Lord in deed?  Through others?

While twelve step programs like Heart to Heart and so many others are typically presented in a linear fashion, it is a state of mind, it is a culture.  We have to engrain it upon our hearts. We will be living various principles at various levels for the different addictions, vices, and problems that we are experiencing. It must become part of who we are if we truly want to become something new, something better.

“When our hearts have been consecrated to the Lord, good words automatically follow…”  It sounds like agency is removed. When I feel like I am doing the most good it is easier to continue to do good.  Perhaps that is what is being said. In these moments I still feel the temptations and urges to stumble. I am doing this to myself and allowing it to happen, but it does still happen.  While stumbling blocks are removed from my path I still find things that will trip me up.

“It doesn’t matter how many times we fall or fail.  It only matters how many times we get back up.”

Photo by Tobias Aeppli from Pexels

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