There is an individual and family study program developed for the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  This program is called Come, Follow Me and it provides a study guide for my family to have Gospel discussions in our home throughout the week.  

We began our week talking about being united as it compared to the early Corinthian Saints that were taught by Paul.  We talked about the various ways we can be united with various different groups.  From a classroom setting, a sports team, and the family unit that we are there are ways we can unite in purpose with each of these groups.  It was interesting to see the different perspectives from the different members in our family. Each of them holds something different special, and those things come out in our discussions.  One common thing that always bubbles to the top is the love and care we have together, our family unit.

After our discussion was over I continued to think about the unity that I share with my wife, and how sharing diapers and my little side with her has been impacted by that.  We have discussed how we work hard to build a foundation we can both stand on. Together we have a strong relationship, and it is that hard work that has formed a bond of unity between us that has made the discussions we’ve had in the last few months possible.  I don’t think those conversations would have gone anywhere near the same way if we had not put so much work into us ahead of time.

Another way to visualize it is a bank.  We constantly deposit into our account of trust/relationship.  When things get hard, we are able to withdraw from that bank when we need to. You could expand on the metaphor with the concept of interest as you invest wisely, and receive the blessing of dividends. The biggest, and most simple, point that I could convey would be you have to put more into it than you take. Adulting can be hard, but you have to keep perspective and make sure that you are putting what matters most, first.

To anyone considering sharing your Adult Baby or Diaper Lover side with your spouse of significant other I would recommend you first take a look at themselves and also the relationship they have with their best friend, their confidant, their spouse.  It will be upon that foundation they you will hope to stand together with this side of you.
A children’s Primary song teaches the concept of building your foundation on the Rock (of your Redeemer) is a fun way to learn what is taught in Matthew 7:24-27.

Take the time, put in the work. Make good choices.

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

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