My life, it seems, comes in waves of positives and negatives.  I don’t know why, but it seems there is a consistent, “when it rains, it pours” things happening in my life.  So much to the point that when I acknowledge mentally that things are going well, and I immediately begin to wonder what will … Continue reading Imploding

A series of unfortunate events

A lot of introspection has happened in the last week.  I decided I would try and remove diapers, and the things that made me think of them.  I want to NOT WANT THEM, and again I feel weak and like a failure because I cannot remove them from my life.  My intentions of making things … Continue reading A series of unfortunate events

Taking the first step amidst our trials

Waiting on the Lord - Jeffrey R. Holland We get so tired with our desire to wear diapers.  Something that has been placed on our shoulders that we didn’t ask for. How long do we wait for relief? So many of our questions surrounding diapers begin with “Why?”  We ask why a trail or … Continue reading Taking the first step amidst our trials

The moments we might not even remember

We all have experiences that shape our lives.  These might be huge events or small moments in the history of our lives, but they occur.  There are times these experiences become immediately useful to us, and other times we may not incorporate them into who we are for years.  There are lesser times, unfortunate times, … Continue reading The moments we might not even remember