Public padding in fresh powder

We decided to take the entire family up on the mountain to go skiing.  It was the first time that my children had been on skis.  I decided I would pad up for the trip since there would be plenty of other crinkling going on.

I chose to wear an ABU Bunny Hop (four-tape for those that will ask) diaper for the day to go well with the bunny hill at the Resort. 🙂 I really like the two-tape as well, but the four tape wears better on me for an active day.

I had put down a note to recall the day, but I think the most important part about being padded on that trip was that it wasn’t a huge or pivotal thing.  My wife was supportive of me doing it.  Wearing in public and wearing around my family has been two worries she’s had in the past, but it wasn’t an issue that day.  I didn’t have a huge stress that had me wear, and there wasn’t a huge stress at the end of the day.  It was balance and a “warm blanket” on a day that turned out amazing!

The biggest moment of the whole day came to me in the lack of there being a huge moment that had anything to do with a diaper.  I hope this is the first in a long line of memories where I am wearing where the diaper doesn’t take center stage or front seat to anything.  I appreciate the comfort and balance they afford to me emotionally as I try to keep the crazy pace of our lives.  I appreciate that I am able to focus on what the moments are really about.

The little moments that matter

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