When conversations take hours

When talking to my spouse recently she commented how there are times when I need to talk for hours in order to get through something.  These conversations are often diaper-related recently, and there are times when I am verbalizing thoughts and emotions for the first time.  In these moments I am learning how I feel about something as well, which can make it hard to have a real, constructive conversation with her.

I heard/felt strain in her comment, and I worry that perhaps I need to talk it out too much sometimes.  This has made me realize the power and importance of community.

In the last 20 months I have executed the beginnings of path or plan that I had tried to put myself on at least three times prior.  I started my blog with the output of six pages of a stream of consciousness that I typed trying to get something out of my head that I was trying to comprehend.  I also stood up social media profiles on Instagram, Twitter, and ADISC to begin searching for someone who might relate.  The isolation of the wall of my mind had finally proved  too much, and I wanted answers.

I wasn’t looking for a bunch of bobbleheads, or people that would just agree with me because they also like to wear diapers.  I was looking for empathy and understanding.  An understanding that could help provide some direction.

Fast forward to present, and I do not know if I can properly express how much I appreciate the community I am in that allows me to grow through the experience and thoughts of others.  There is comfort and strength in numbers, and my ABDL community continues to grow.  I stood up a Discord server that we leverage to interact.  Our dialogue grows, and we continue to add subchannels to help organize the conversations.  That expansion includes a space for spouses of adult babies or diaper lovers.  These amazing people are trying to navigate emotions, stress, and often tears they do not understand.  I hope this place has provided the same kind of help that it has to the ABDLs they love.

My community consists of people from all walks of life.  Each of our lives and origins shape who we are and how diapers have been part of our lives.  We are not cookie-cutter, and all continue to evolve in our own journeys.  I feel for these people in their joys and sorrows they experience, as I truly feel I can empathize with what they are experiencing.

We are less alone than we realize

Photo by Daria Sannikova from Pexels

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