Help myself, and hopefully help another..

This is the materialization of something I have considered for a number of years, but have never been able to do. Fear, worry, and uncertainty clouded my thoughts. Only the last week has shown me the power behind discussing something that has been part of me for my entire life. Yesterday, I began typing into a blank document whatever was in my head and pages have come (and are still coming).

I want to know for me, I want to understand more. Something that has been with me from my earliest memories. Something I have associated with off and on my entire life, and as much as I want to understand it I feel this urge to reach out in an effort to help others. If I can help one other person, one other couple find solace and understanding it will have been worth it. The years of self-criticism, mental anguish, and pain can be lessened for someone else. I believe part of it must be in the journey so we can truly find ourselves and how it is part of us. I also believe this isn’t a one-trick pony, and many of the things I have dealt with can be paralleled to other struggles, addictions, and life troubles. (I struggle a lot with the word addiction as it relates to this, but more on that later)

Bottom line, I wear diapers. Not all day, not everyday but I wear them. It is a choice that I make that stems from something that has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I did not just decide to try it one day. I have been drawn to them in some form or fashion, and I hope to learn to grasp more firmly the role they play in my life.

Welcome. I hope you find comfort in the words, discussion, and community that I hope to build here with the help of other like me who find ABDL is a part of their life, you have been told by a loved one that they are an ABDL, or are on either side some other form of struggle. My biggest goal is to continue to live a happy, healthy life with my family. I want to build a strong understanding with who I am so I can help others understand me also. Let’s help each other, as we are not alone!

2 thoughts on “Help myself, and hopefully help another..

  1. It’s only after having signed up to WordPress that I’ve come to see how vast your blog library is. So, here we go for the deep dive into works. Thanks for taking the time to share your journey.


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