Hope, an anchor of the soul

Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which entereth into that within the veil;

Hebrews 6:19

Thoughts from Hope, an anchor of the soul

Where do we place our faith?  Where do we anchor ourselves?  Upon what rock, or sandy place do we build the foundation in which we live our lives?

We all search for those things in our lives that bring us peace.  Something that calms the waves of life that stress us out of emotional control.  For many of you that read this, diapers provide a calming peace to your life, albeit a temporary escape.  They can provide a stop-gap in our sometimes overwhelming flow of stress and emotion.

When we anchor our soul to the Gospel it provides a deep personal hope.  Hope for the ability to overcome an addiction, hope for a wayward child to come back, or hope for us to be able to understand our lives in diapers.  The Lord loves effort, and when we can show through our faith, our works, our lives, and the choices we make when no one else is around we can work to balance our lives in the Gospel and in diapers.

I fought and shamed the place diapers had in my life for more than thirty years.  I fought to push them out of my life, and shamed myself for having thoughts, desires, and attractions to wanting to wear a diaper and wanting to regress or return to a simpler time.  It has only been in the last 12 months that I really have been able to allow myself to feel worthy in the Gospel while also wanting to wear a diaper.  While I am a work in progress, I continue to pursue this mentality.  This version of myself, imperfect and flawed as it is, is good enough with my continued desire to become closer to my Heavenly Father.

The key is to stick with it.  No matter the aspect of your life, keep your head up and take the next step (whatever that step is).  

If you are struggling to accept yourself in diapers, allow yourself some space.  Take your progress and problems in stride.  The same with talking with your Significant Other about your affinity to wear diapers.  I have had many positive conversations with my wife, and I’ve also had a fair number of ones that didn’t go as well.  Sometimes it’s not okay, and that’s okay.  We will not learn long-term lessons without trials, and that can be a trial of faith.

While composing this post I made a statement that I think should be explained and broken out a little bit more.  “I fought to push them out of my life, and shamed myself for having thoughts, desires, and attractions to wanting to wear a diaper and wanting to regress or return to a simpler time.”  I think there is space for those to be two different things as some Diaper Lovers do not consider themselves an Adult Baby.  

Many of the people I talk with start saying they are strictly Diaper Lovers.  I can relate because I was one of those people.  Wanting to wear a diaper is aberrant enough.  Adding that you want to regress or feel little was something I didn’t want to consider or think about.  Each ABDL will know and feel what makes sense to them in relation to diapers and their little side.  I didn’t think that I had a little side until I first accepted diapers in my life.  Once I allowed that space I began to recognize what I believe is my little side.  There are a number of posts I’ve written in my recognition and attempts to understand my little side and how it wants to help me balance, like diapers, in my life.

I think I met my little today and I think my little wants to help meare two of my first times I tried to comprehend that part of myself.  This, like the other aspects of my life in diapers, are a work in progress.  I take each experience and each day as a new lesson.  Each interaction with my wife is also an opportunity to build comfort or apprehension of how, when, and why I wear.

I have noticed my progress in all of these things are directly relational to where I’m anchoring myself.  When things are dialed in with my wife, with my family, and with my faith I am finding that I am making much more significant progress.  We must anchor ourselves to what matters the most in our lives.  When we recognize our need for our faith and our families, I believe we can be better ABDLs.

Where are you anchoring yourself?

Photo by Juhasz Imre from Pexels

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