The power of your mindset

Our thoughts are powerful.  So much of how we view ourselves, with or without diapers, come from the thoughts that fill our own minds.  I know that I’ve walked past the same mirror in my bedroom and had drastically different thoughts.  They have been accepting and positive, and at other times shaming and hurtful.  Those … Continue reading The power of your mindset

Heart to Heart – Principle 1

O How Great is the Nothingness of the Children of Men True self-mastery comes from turning our “self” over to the Master. I have taken many Professional Development or Organizational Management classes.  I enjoy them, and revel in applying new concepts and methodologies into my life. My professional, personal, and religious lives are all so … Continue reading Heart to Heart – Principle 1

Being worthy in diapers

Finding happiness while in the search for everlasting happiness is something each and everyone of us reach for in this life.  We all want to feel happy. We all want to feel worthy of love and happiness. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, especially male Priesthood holders, strive to keep themselves … Continue reading Being worthy in diapers