There is an individual and family study program developed for the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  This program is called Come, Follow Me and it provides a study guide for my family to have Gospel discussions in our home throughout the week.   We began our week talking about being united … Continue reading United


Friends I may never know

I doubled up last night as I was very hydrated.  While getting ready this morning I found that my most outer layer was still dry.  I don’t typically wear at work, but decided it was ready to go and so was I. I enjoy the space that I am in when adulting in diapers.  I … Continue reading Friends I may never know

Visiting, feeling like an outsider, and extending a smile to someone in need

We are visiting a church in another town this weekend.  A different congregation, with a completely different dynamic from our typical Sunday.  It is not out of the ordinary to be greeted by a number of people when visiting another Ward (what our church calls the geographic boundaries that constitute a congregation) before the Sacrament … Continue reading Visiting, feeling like an outsider, and extending a smile to someone in need

Hello rock, meet hard place

The emotions behind self-discovery and comprehension and the battle to try and share yourself with someone else.   I am sure that every ABDL at some point has experienced some version of this.  Whether it be within themselves or the desire to have a conversation with someone else we have all struggled with this internal desire … Continue reading Hello rock, meet hard place

My “attempt” to talk about it with my parents

I just finished another post where I referenced this part of my story, and I realized that I should probably explain this vain attempt at telling my parents to provide a bit of context for Hello rock, meet hard place (coming 8/1/2019) before posting it.  There is no huge reveal in this story, I don’t … Continue reading My “attempt” to talk about it with my parents

Passing Judgement, on ourselves and others

We are all very sensitive to judgement.  The last thing we want is to have others place undue opinion about who we are without the proper context and content.  With time and experience, people should be able to see who we are by the "fruits that we bear" or the actions of our lives.  While … Continue reading Passing Judgement, on ourselves and others

Sacrifice, or what we are willing to give

What are we willing to give, and for what cause?  During the Fourth of July holiday week/end I had been thinking about the armed servicemen and women of the United States of America.  The sacrifice they give each and every day so we can live in a manner we choose. Coupled with that I watched … Continue reading Sacrifice, or what we are willing to give