Binge and Purge, digitally and diapers

It happened.  The thought entered my mind again, but in a new way.  Get rid of the things, because throwing something away is the best way to never think about it again. (not so much).  The difference in this thought process, as opposed to my previous binge/purge thoughts, is that it surrounds the digital footprint … Continue reading Binge and Purge, digitally and diapers

There will be bread

General Conference October 2020 – Saturday Afternoon Session – Bishop W. Christopher Waddell Calamities and trials WILL come in our lives.  They can be personal or general in nature, and vary in severity and impact.  Diapers find themselves, in my own life at least, on both sides of this conversation.  They have been the trial, … Continue reading There will be bread

Problem Solving (a series) – Beginning

I’m beginning a series of workshop classes that will span over the coming months.  I really enjoyed working through a previous series (Heart-to-Heart), and drawing parallels to my ABDL life.  While I’m sitting here with CEOs, directors, and other leaders talking about their expectations of the coursework I am also drawing links in my own … Continue reading Problem Solving (a series) – Beginning

The moments we might not even remember

We all have experiences that shape our lives.  These might be huge events or small moments in the history of our lives, but they occur.  There are times these experiences become immediately useful to us, and other times we may not incorporate them into who we are for years.  There are lesser times, unfortunate times, … Continue reading The moments we might not even remember

One minute of patience

The last year has taught me a lot about myself.  I’m learning how much I didn’t allow myself to understand about myself.  I spent three decades trying to hide part of myself from anyone else, but more importantly from myself.  I would binge amidst feelings and desires I didn’t understand, and then be ashamed of … Continue reading One minute of patience

Slow and Steady is winning the race!

Growing up with diapers I internally struggled to understand myself.  Decades later I understand how ineffective this is, and how I should have sought to talk with someone.  I did make one, feeble, attempt at reaching out to my mother but I don’t know how it would have gone.  The last thing a parent wants … Continue reading Slow and Steady is winning the race!