There is a statistic that gets thrown around that every seven years your cells have all been replaced due to the constant generation of new cells that are replacing dying cells in our bodies.  While this is inaccurate for a number of reasons there is a certain sentiment about our ever changing nature.

Many years ago I taught the concept that we cannot coast through things in life.  We are either improving or deconditioning ourselves.  Which direction that occurs is largely placed on us.  Are we actively making ourselves better or allowing ourselves to slide backwards?

Two years ago I took a very precarious step towards improving myself through acknowledging and embracing myself as an ABDL.  This was both a huge step in self discovery as well as sharing this part of myself with my wife.  

I’ve been trying very hard to avoid a “I’m two years old” joke that ABDLs like to make.  Anything to talk about how little we are.  I’m not huge into full on regression, and am barely beginning to really understand my little side.  I will say though that I am definitely two years two with this version of myself.  The version of me that includes diapers, self acceptance, and growth.

A huge part of that growth has come from putting my fingers to my iPad’s keyboard when I brain-dumped about six pages of what I was thinking into a fresh, new Google Doc.  My wife and I had recently had a number of conversations where I shared many things.  One of those things was me verbalizing out loud for the first time with real meaning behind it, “I like to wear diapers.”

Many conversations, 250 pages into that same Google Doc (it loads a bit slower now..), 167 posts, and at least that many diapers later this blog has been my outlet for improvement and growth with my little side.

It has been a roller coaster of emotions, and I appreciate everyone that has been on the ride with me.  I have found a “family” or community of like-minded people who share my struggles, pains, and joys as an ABDL.  Some, but not all, share my faith and with their strength we work together to be better parents, spouses, and members of our communities.  

Some milestones are worth celebrating, and so are some diapers.  Each diaper I wear helps me balance my life, and hopefully helps me be a better person.  Here’s to the next two years, the next series of blog posts, and who knows how many diapers.

One diaper at a time

Photo by NOHK from Pexels

Photo by from Pexels

2 thoughts on “Two

  1. it is nice that you are finding courage through blogging and exploring so openly with a topic that so often leads to feelings of shame or misunderstanding. The first step towards growth is to overcome feelings of shame. Keep growing, keep sharing.


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