Feeling sick brings out the little in me

I’ve been noticing in the past few months that when I don’t feel physically good that I turn to diapers as part of my recovery methods.  I have suffered from migraines my entire life, and lately they have been bad.  I wake up with them, so it is hard to determine a trigger.  I have seen an increase in frequency with all the changes of working from home primarily coupled with consulting and balancing the other aspects of our lives that have changed in the past few months.

While they do not make the migraine magically disappear, I feel better.  Again I see my little come out to try and comfort me.  I want to pad up and get into some PJs.

I think it boils down to seeking comfort.  Many people seek comfort food in times like this, and for a similar reason.  It is easy to consume and makes us feel good.  Diapers provide a form of pacification from the world around us.  Many of us put one on in an effort to shield us from stress or stressors in our lives.  Many of us also have never known any different.  I have always reached for diapers in my life, and may never understand why.  

Are there other things we reach for?  I hope so.  Part of creating balance in our lives should include a number of outlets that help us to manage in a healthy fashion the various aspects of our lives.  Hobbies, athletic exercise, therapy, group meetings, and service are some examples of ways other ABDLs/littles I talk to all leverage to level out their lives.

Sometimes things are not okay, and that’s okay.  That is when we can lean back on our foundation for help.  My wife and I work hard to have lots of credit stored up in our “bank of trust” so when either of us needs time, space, sleep, or help the other is there to take the load.  I have felt my wife withdrawing from that bank over the last year as she has searched for answers and comfort surrounding all of the things that I have shared with her.

Just remember to always be making deposits back into that bank of trust.  Take care of each other in the ways that your spouse or loved one needs.  I find that when I see my wife suffering that I have wanted to jokingly offer her a diaper.  I think I’m doing this because I know what they do for me, and I’d like to think that the “warmness, blanket wrapped goodness” they give me is a universal feeling but I’m sure it is not.  It is in those moments that I help her find and connect with her versions of what helps her the most and support her with time and space for those things.

When you feel down, find a way to turn that frown upside down!

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