We are all different, and we are all the same.

I had the opportunity to be around a large number of people over a weekend last year.  More than normal. We had been preparing for an event for months, and as the event began and progressed a weight began to lift that I had been bearing across my shoulders.  With each section of the event passing successfully I felt the weight lift more and more. I don’t want to call it a burden because it was a great thing to be part of, but the weight of the event felt burdensome at times.

Whether it be a church activity, community event, or something else, finding something for everyone is impossible. This happens at work as well.  After far too long I just realized, that is okay. We are already coming together for common purposes. Religious beliefs, work, volunteer efforts, a common quirk like wearing diapers perhaps, or anything else you choose to be a part of is when we come together as various “families” for a common purpose.  We may not find something else we all have in common with that particular group of people, but we rally together for something that we all have a passion for within us.

During the last three or four months it has been impressed upon me how important it is to realize that everyone is experiencing a burden in their own lives that I don’t know about.  They struggle to keep their heads above water at times, just as I do with diapers. I worry so much of the impact it could have if people knew that I wore diapers, and that burden weighs me down at times.  More than likely, each person that I interact with has their own version of diapers. Some burdens are lighter than others, but we all have them and we choose how to wear them across our shoulders.

One key for any person whether they are an adult baby, diaper lover, or suffer some any ailment or addiction is that we are not alone.  We group together in our “families” for various causes, and in that unity we must find strength. Those around us, that truly love us, will help build us up.  Not that I plan on heading away from this keyboard and shouting from the rooftops my affinity to wear diapers, but those around me can support me. Know that this works both ways.  You will be a support to those around you that you may not even know. You might even be wearing a diaper when you are doing it!

It has almost been a year since I began this more public version of my journey in diapers and I want to give a big THANK YOU to the ABDL community that has helped me learn and grow more about myself in the last year, than so many years prior!

Let’s build each other up, and take care of each other as any good “family” member would.

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