She was way too good at that!

I had another “little step” or small progression that deepened my love for my spouse.  While gearing up for a day working in my home office I decided that I would pad up with a cloth-backed diaper.  While they have trade offs in the use, absorbency, and smell department I can wear one more easily around the house with the family home and not worry about crinkling all over the place.  I know it is something that can make my wife feel uncomfortable, so I try hard to be mindful of how she feels and reacts to me when I’m wearing a diaper around the family.  

I had only been diapered for a short time when I ended up back in our bedroom to get something and ended up “making a move” on my wife.  (not sure we lucked out or distracted the kids, but they were MIA) While apprehensive at times I really try to be the same person around my family whether I’m wearing a diaper or not.  I feel like the same person when I’m wearing a diaper, and I don’t feel that I enter any kind of little space when I’m typically wearing and working. Typically my wife can tell when I’m wearing, but perhaps the cloth-backed diaper threw her off because the auditory indictors were not present.

(While sharing a post about this isn’t the most comfortable thing for me to do, and it is coming on the heels of a less enjoyable moment we experienced together, I want to share that in that moment where things could have been awkward, bad, and hindering my wife was very brave and daring.  Only one other time has she directly interacted (her choice of words) with a diaper.)

In this moment she asked me to take the diaper off, which I completely understand, yet stunted the moment for me.  I paused, and began to leave to take it off when she began kissing me again and removed my diaper. I heard the tapes come off, two at a time, and then suddenly it was on the bed.  I’m sure the speed was partially to help reduce the uncomfortableness of the moment, but I don’t think I am able to remove a diaper that fast! The thought going through my head was, “She was way too good at that!”

I thanked her later, and shared my appreciation for her bravery.  (Please, always remember to vocalize and demonstrate your love to your spouse. The act of love expressing love and service to someone else only deepens your relationship together!) I know this isn’t the easiest thing to do, and while I was not planning on that moment occurring (or being in a diaper when it did) I’m glad that it did.  It deepened my love for her, and showed me how strong she can be. I know this has been hard for her, and to see the manifestation of her love like that to me makes me feel special.

Littles, and spouses of little ones, please hang in there. Wherever you currently find yourself on this journey, it is not a sprint for either party.  While some might be more quickly accepting of it, the majority of us navigate a long road with twists and turns.  Settle in for a marathon of emotion, learning, and growth. Growth is not always easy, and rarely comfortable, but it is always an opportunity to become better people and better companions.  Please, please, please take a moment today and tell your spouse that you love them, and then show them why you think that!  Small act or grand gesture, show them how much they matter to you in your life!

Each and every moment together is better!

4 thoughts on “She was way too good at that!

    1. I definitely think she is. We are getting a handle on here feelings, and we are also fighting it how external factors and stressors are affecting how we communicate about this in our lives.


  1. Yes. The onus will always be on us to gauge the external factors and how the addition of diapers will play out. One huge factor that will play itself out is kids. I don’t know the specific age of your kids but they appear younger than mine (both in University). With the house to ourselves for much of the year and their age of independence there is a lot less task/schedule related stress in our lives. We focus on each other better now than in a long time.


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