Seeing and perceiving, hearing and understanding

During a talk I recently listened to the following scripture was paraphrased from Isaiah 6:9:

“And he said, Go, and tell this people, Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not.”

It is estimated that we make ~35,000 choices each and every day.  Some choices are proactive, and the majority of others are reactive.  We often are placed in situations that we did not initiate or choose to be part of.  Whether we make a conscious effort to be part of a choice, or are forced into a decision we still have the choice how we will react.  The pause between stimulus (the situation), and response (our choice) is a powerful moment where we choose whether we will see or perceive, hear or understand what is happening around us.

How will our experiences change us?  When we are presented with an experience in our lives, good or bad, what do we do to enable this experience to mold us and help us to improve our lives.

In my life, when things get rough, I will want to put a diaper on an effort to help shield me from the stressors of the world.  It is not always an escape, as I’m not running away from the world or my problems, but more a padding from the blows that I’m incurring.  Don’t get me wrong, there are times that I want to pad up and go hide from the world (I’m actually pretty close to that the last few days, and is perhaps why these words resonated with me so much.)  My hope is that I allow the hard experiences into my life so they can help refine me.  There is seldom growth without discomfort, and with all the technology and opportunities in the world today we have a myriad of ways to escape pain and rationalize our retreat.

I hope that I can persist in leaning into the pain, padded or not, so I can grow from my experiences.  Learning to accept myself in diapers, sharing with my spouse, and the many other aspects of life that comes with ABDL are all opportunities for me to grow as a person.  I believe that is why I strive so hard for balance.  A life in diapers that is healthy and productive, not limiting and full of escape from the pains we encounter in life.

I’m not perfect in my approach, and I fall short more often than I’d like, but the power is in the persistence. Being willing to get back up, to put ourselves in the path that may hurt, yields results that shape us into a person that can be more useful to God and his Son.

Stick with it littles!  Live life one experience, one diaper, at a time.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

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